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Buy Fidget Cube Desk fidget cube black Toy incess crying also brought together the eyes of everyone, it is also strange, Lan Hui re picked up a small princess immediately after the little princess do not cry, and even to the arms of the arch Hui Lan arch, mouth Baji two sound. Next to the old lady looked fidget cube for adults like a smile and said A look at the little princess is like Fujin, which leaves you crying endlessly. Lan Hui Samsam smile, it touches did not speak, she really want a little princess crying in her buy fidget cube desk toy arms to do it The Si Age then spoke, he looked at holding his daughter s blessing, ease the buy fidget cube desk toy tone just blunt, as moderate as said Fu Jin and the child is destined, usually more than take care of it , And first back to the study. Having to go out with his own slaves. Si Age left after the old Mother also fidget cube noise said Four blessing, since the Song master has been safe production, that slaves also retired, slaves also buy fidget cube desk toy go back to the goddess of good news. Lan Hui heard these words quickly nodded, laughing Said This time there Lao Mama take care of Song, or else I.Limit, and perhaps even in front of Lan Hui Xianbian show. Lan Hui Lee also came to see, it touches a faint said I did not expect sister Lee so concerned about the Song sister, but also to see in person. Lee said, worried slaves is also called the Song sister called some scary, afraid of what happened Finished with a darling of the stained with a non sticky tears, then exclaimed Before the Song sister body is not In fact, Lee s mind is now very nervous, afraid of the Song in one fell swoop man, that the eldest son can not be born to her, so Lee s heart cursed with the non stop. Song is not down, the best mother and son together finished Lan Hui Lee saw a glance, unhappy, said Li sister cautious words, Song sister will be mother and child are safe. Lee heard Samsam smiled, she is also a nervous wrong, then if it is determined to Si Age that provoke a few, said she was in the Song said the production of unlucky, then she recently to the four Arab Brother left a good impression on all over. But Lan Hui la.

d exhorted the sentence. Lan Hui nodded and said The undefined status of the body. God assured. The day is coming soon, Lan Hui sitting in the house listening to Zhang Mama and other reported the preparation of the slaves were prepared, and Lee is wearing a pink flag service in the Lan Hui behind the respectful standing. 13 Elder brother and 14 princes during this period is the first to, and then eight princes and princes also nine princes together. 12 Elder brother and seven princes two followed, these Elder brother have their own Si Age reception, Lan Hui is only responsible book fidget cube for greeting women can be, so Lan Hui also no front courtyard to meet. At this time only to listen to outside the small Lian Zi said Fujin, five princes and five Fu Jin has come, the Lord called you to the front yard to meet. Lan fidget cube lavenderblush Hui hear, turned around and looked at Lee s slowly said For a while you enter the Elder brother s concubine room, to be extremely careful, do not stir up trouble what is called God lost face, you have to.Do you want to see the same as Sansao see you as a man ah 9 Elder brother listened to this face has been red and black, and he shouted how do I not a man 10 Elder brother has been fidget cube instructions slow over the smile, a nine Elder brother, then break the power, and smiled straight pumping, said You are okay you Not a girl through it 9 Elder brother this time is really angry, but for the eighth brother hard to pull him out early. Eight Elder brother to see nine Elder brother black face, busy coax line, this is not a big deal, if you could not understand Sisou do in the past it wants to say four Sao is still in trouble That Song did not know when things can light down. 9 Elder brother to listen to Ba Age to say, disdain of the hum I see this Sister is a brainless, third brother and Mahone are just into the court, is pinch it Brother s hind legs, I see her definitely dissatisfied with her. Ba Age then pondered That s not necessarily, today they see the feelings of a good way, Mahogany is not necessarily because of this dis.ui also embroidered finished a sleeve. She put the clothes stacked on the side, and ordered the paper children to the kitchen arrangements for dinner. At this buy fidget cube desk toy time only to listen to buy fidget cube desk toy the small Lianzai reported outside Fujin, bye, Jiuye and Shi Ye came. Lan Hui listened quickly got up, take a look at his body is wearing a fit, and then leaning on Yan child s hand went out. At this time Ba Age three also came to the hospital. They saw Lan Hui at the same time called a thousand, his mouth said Eight Brothers nine younger brother, ten younger brother seen Sisao, to Sisao please. Lan Hui quickly cried, and put them to the main hall. Into the room after the Lan Hui sitting in the theme, eight princes in turn sit three seats. All sit down after Lan Hui commanded the side of the Yan child said Fast to a few Lord on the tea. Finished his turn on the three Elder brother laughed Three younger brother, but the rare customers, sister in law do not know what you are used to drink tea, if there are poor hospitality, pl.

Buy Fidget Cube Desk Toy id pointing to those satin, and then pick out a few horses from the said This is called the amount of a few pieces of the amount of the amount of calls, Mother to do a few pieces of clothes, are breathable cool good material, wear the best in the summer. Also pointed out that the space out of the herbs, said These herbs are good to Aman make up body, Oh, yes, there are sister in law. Zhang Mama looked piled into a pile of things, staggering, said Fu Jin, is not too much Not sent two days ago just a number of it Lan Hui said with a smile A few days ago I sent back, this is God tours, the Lord may not be more generous than me, is not it Zhang Mama smile should be, and then called the two little eunuchs carrying things to go with her out of the house. Lan Hui began to wonder up, supposedly Si Age will not ask her sister in law situation, before her sister in law just when the fourth year old brother is called Lan Hui said on the line, and how to mention it again Is what happened at home However, Hui Lan Si.ter the words or not dare to stand up, but the head is not knock. Lan Hui seeing then said fidget cube lightgodenrod You usually see which maidservants most like to say gossip, which maidservants like to run out, which maidservants popularity best, most people can really like, as well as Lee and Song s side maidservants and Who is better Well, I do not mind maidservants, eunuchs and mothers. Paper children thought more flexible, a Hui Hui words to know what she wanted to know, so began to carefully thought up. She added back to Fu Jin, Li s yard is a gossip, usually after the completion of living and other slaves chatter on a few back to the house. Siye yard aunt s most sympathetic, and I heard that Siye side of the competent people, the courtyard of the ladies eunuchs are she taught out, we all like her Ligge big palace Cuihuan very arrogant people , The servant to see no one and she is better, but Lee s courtyard maidservants all come to curry favor with her.Songgege around the cloud is a boring person, before the Song Princes.