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Fidget Cube 3d Model ncubine, and now they live in the palace, he started as a poor Elder brother, not their own foundation, no useful contacts, but not enough money, but the palace of a floating Ping only. In the palace may be a son of the palace concubine framed, adult brothers are competing for the various tricks, these are only their own blessing and his co support fidget cube stress relief through. Thought of these Si Age heart warm, maybe he is not alone, not the mother s true love, but fidget cube 3d model there is also a blessing in the side to accompany a companion. Lan Hui side to help Si Age for a comfortable clothes, and then gave him a net surface, looked up and down what was satisfactory nodded, thinking ah Yes, four elder brother Chou Chou still quite handsome. Si Age suddenly thought of that table of fresh dishes, not help some jealousy, said Fujin the original so good at cooking How do not usually get to the table to try to get the Lord, but rather one of the eight younger brothers to show their talents. Lan Hui listened to the Si Age, then replaced by.mixed head, and later fidget cube 3d model Never let her go to her. Lan Hui finished thinking of these words Si Age of the Song s fidget cube pink and white punishment, wondering why the Si Age just gently let Song s footbinding. Does he not want to put away Song But look at his appearance obviously no feelings on the Song, and it touches on a lot of dissatisfaction, then why should we call the Song occupied fidget cube mexico a princess seat Lan Hui did not expect Si Age just do not want to give De Fei reason to give him this arrangement new Bale If thought of Si Age is because of this, Lan Hui must not be a joke he, Defei if the son of Cypriot government, What is the reason Directly to Lan Hui look can fidget cube 3d model be brought back. But the Song of this out loud Lan Hui is also very happy, no loss of their own, but by the point frightened Bale. But it can be because this begged Si Age, let him stop calling Lan Hui to others to support their children, too thankless not to mention Lan Hui of other people s children can not really like it, but also always like to be on the watch With.

Limit, and perhaps even in front of Lan Hui Xianbian show. Lan Hui Lee also came to see, it touches a faint said I did not expect sister Lee so concerned about the Song sister, but also to see in person. Lee said, worried slaves is also called the Song sister called some scary, afraid of what happened Finished with a darling of the stained with a non sticky tears, then exclaimed Before the Song sister body is not In fact, Lee s mind is now very nervous, afraid of the Song in one fell swoop man, that the eldest son can not be born to her, so Lee s heart cursed with the non stop. Song is not down, the best mother and son together finished Lan Hui Lee saw a glance, unhappy, said Li sister cautious words, Song sister will be mother and child are safe. Lee heard Samsam smiled, she is also a nervous wrong, then if it is determined to Si Age that provoke a few, said she was in the Song said the fidget cube light blue production of unlucky, then she recently to the four Arab Brother left a good impression on all over. But Lan Hui of silver, Slaves were around in the couch stand on a circle, is simply not chaotic rules. While his Fujin is finishing the crumpled clothes. Of course, the other two siblings are not good to go, are busy living in it Lan Hui see who is not inappropriate place to get up to the four princes walked fidget cube 2017 three, said Brothers are coming to find their fidget cube 3d model siblings, come in and sit. fidget cube antsy labs Five Elder brother said trouble sister in law, and his brother yard there are things, first go back. Finished to Wu Fu Jin wink, and Si Age Road scrambled away. And Ba Age here also just want to leave, listen to eight Fujin smiled and said Lord, today to sister in law to play this really happy, what is that poker can be fun, go back to me to show you. Ba Age exposed a less natural smile, fidget cube on kickstarter gentle said OK, then let s go back to it Bafu Jin may not want to go, so he said We have nothing to Sishao this meal it I was trying to taste Sisao craft it Ba Age s face has now been some distortion of the smile, but still control the Si Age said Mahon.painted up. A few people work quickly to create a simple poker. Lan Hui took this pair of Qing Dynasty poker and five Fu Jin moved to the couch, placed in the above a Kang table to play up. Eight Jinfu and Wufu Jin are not stupid, playing a few times after more smoothly, and Lan Hui in the top of the card is really no talent, and soon there is a win lose. Bafu Jin clutching the hands of the side of the card looked at the edge of the random asked Sisao, this play where to learn ah I have never seen it Lan Hui did not nervous tension directly replied When I saw a small foreign missionary to see him play with the two of you today, I have to want to play, I forgot this thing. Are you doing it now Bafujin surprised, said Do not say those Fan people really have a lot of interesting stuff, that the eight music box is they get it Lan Hui nodded and said The younger brother said. Wu Jin Jin simply ignore her in that said nothing, but staring at the hands of the card calculation, taking advantage of fidget cube 3d model Lan Hui and.

Fidget Cube 3d Model ng his hands tightly did not dare to answer. 14 Elder brother to see the little maid of the tip of the eye revealed a touch of gold in the hands, quickly shouted What do you hold in hand Small maid to listen to these words to cry, but still dead clutching hand, 14 Elder brother impatient with a direct kick in the past, shouting around the little ladies hand broke apart. How can these small eunuchs Jin Jin, was a few broke apart his hand and saw a gold hairpin fell to the ground, the style even with the head wearing almost three Fujin. This look everyone s eyes can be brought together to the three Fujin head. Three Fu Jin seeing a change of face, stare at the side of a Pinger, his mouth shouted It is a useless servant, even the blessing of the jewelry are bad, even called the stinky girl stole to , Give me a hard palm of her mouth. The little maid looked at the servants who rushed to the ground and hurriedly kowtowed Fujin, this hairpin is not a servant, is the slaves found in the foot of Xiaolian Fu Jin.s, this morning just to hear the news coming from the Elder brother side, Si Age is indeed a break in Lee s there. De Fei to feel it This son and wife are good, very listen to the words of the mother. Although Si Age is not raised from her childhood, but also filial piety is not, Lan Hui is also very rare, and did not hold his dead man hold, can take the initiative to push concubines that It seems very virtuous. De Fei of the pondering, naturally satisfied, so Lan Hui in the De fei that had a very easy time, when the tour is also a tour of the Royal Princess Hui Lan Hui a set of head and face, as well as to the Si Age of a set of four treasures, are good s things. Forty ninth Song production Kangxi thirteen years Wanshou Festival soon, these days Lan Hui has been preparing Kangxi s birthday. Saying that since the name of the Si Age of the shop and Chuang tzu to Lan Hui, their own tight conditions soon improved. Si Age and then reward Lee or Song what, Lan Hui is no longer distressed. And since the menti.