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Fidget Cube Antsy re about the news that Liu Mama is the Empress Wu Eniang around effective Of the slave, usually has been helping to take care of things in the House.The referral Wu Wu s mother put Liu mother to the Wu s, also Liu Mama s men to stay in the Wuzhu Guofu made a big housekeeper, Son also help to donate money to the official, as her daughter in law is arranged to Wu s dowry Zhuangzi, evidently is the family tied to Wu s body, leaving only her man at home to contain. Lan Hui hear, said Well, do not say Wu s Ama Niangniang would like to very thoughtful. That Liu Mama was in charge of what the original Fuchu live Mother Ma, said the mother, had been the master of the kitchen, and later transferred fidget cube light blue to the consul, the maidservant servant, who had been consigned to her. Lan Hui Yang raised his eyebrow, said So that this thing is very understanding of the kitchen thing, do not say her, you find someone staring at the point on the line, let s go to the kitchen to see it this night the brothers to come Give them law to send you a letter to take a Mahogany Ba Age busy with a smile said That is not down, delay Mahone do bad. 14 has been listening to the side of the movement, then ran over to Lan Hui said sister in law do not call Mahone back, starling is to ask the expedition thing, do not worry.Sister in law or talk about the recent there is no fun, Brother to study every day with the tutor should be bored. Lan Hui a know fidget cube antsy that three things Ge Erdan, but she remembers the history of 35 years off, there are more than a year before it to this Ba Age how to ask now However, the specific situation Lan Hui is not clear, Si Age never said in front of her political affairs, Lan Hui is also happy to listen to, after all, after a house is not dry politics. Fourteen see Lan Hui did not answer his words, busy forward a few steps shaking Lan Hui sleeves coquetry said My brother specially escaped today, riding a shooting class to follow the starlings came to the wife, sister do not ignore my brother Well Lan Hui listened.

th chapter Wu s door Refers to the marriage will be issued after fidget cube test the natural Lee is also anxious up. She passed the side of the slave to the family through the news also went to check the Wu s situation, when heard of Wu s appearance, gentle and pleasant, very Deke like Lee s heart could not help but have a strong sense of crisis. Her in the backyard of the battle can be more than Lan Hui Jiao only one third of the appearance and De Fei side to rely on the. This is even the two Wu are also occupied, how not called Lee s gas and anxious. But now she was sitting in the palace of the womb of the Wu s also no way. Only after the door, such as Wu s say. Wushi Princess just marry the door is also very simple, in a bright day was a small car carried into the Elder brother. Nature fidget cube antsy is not more than three princes and five princes married side Fu Jin so lively grand, even Si Age and Lan Hui did not personally appear. But was carried to the backyard of a room after sitting in bed waiting for dry. Only Lan Hui sent.A Dui Fei and Lan Hui to the Queen Mother to salute, the Queen Mother did not cry, and so on for a long time, the Queen Mother asked the child to the first set of De Fei seat, after all, Defei is now in charge of a palace, or some face. Lan Hui did not have this treatment. Queen Mother looked at Lan Hui, calm wave free, said The fourth daughter in law, Ai Jiaqian look at you is a good, how can make such a thing murdered son, mistreat concubine room.This is you this lady can do Come out Lan Hui can recognize these counts, she quickly kowtowed said The Queen Mother, the daughter in law did not seek heirs, before the sun law to take care of the pregnant mother of the amount of pregnant mother, then the mother is some morning sickness symptoms, After a variety of medicated wait on the day after the symptoms of the mother has been improved, and later the mother gave birth to the younger brother of the five cells are also very healthy.Grandma is just to take care of the elephant just take care of Song, Sun i.l. The two men just one in, listen to the sound of three Fujin Yo Four siblings and five brothers and sisters do not ask sister in law together ah Let s live together. This is a hall of fidget cube antsy everyone s eyes are converging to 6 sided fidget cube Lan Hui and Xiuyun body. Thirty sixth chapter with this matter will be able to rest you Lan Hui and Xiuyun to the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother, please after the salute, Xiuyun smiled and replied Sansao can not think about Oh I just met Sisao on the road just happened, this came together. Lan Hui also nodded. Three Fu Jin smiled and said That s four brothers and sisters and I did not fate of the five siblings, and the two of you do not say when living in a draft house, that is, just go out to run it. When the Queen Mother spoke Well, you sister in law like to chat back to Elder brother to talk about it Fourth daughter in law, show clouds, come over, Ai family to introduce you to the next Prince Zhuang Fujin. Lan Hui and Xiuyun heard the words went to the Queen Mother side, and pointi.

Fidget Cube fidget cube for sale ebay Antsy wn. Unfortunately, she had fidget cube thingiverse not had time to happy, Tian had just walked around her to hear the little princess crying up. Lan Hui looked at Tian because the little princess crying standing cajole in situ, could not help but also frowning, said Well, you go first with a small princess, grace, first in the outer room to breastfeed. Tian heard the trot after the walk out, little princess was still in 6 sided fidget cube her arms directed at Lan Hui s direction stretched out a small arm crying, as if to say that they do not like to go. Lan Hui met with inexplicable worry about the heart, and sure enough Tian just go out soon came back to say that little princess does not suck, just cry. Lan Hui rubbed some pain in the temple, after a while before he said Then you hold her in this house feeding it Tian should be a cry holding a small princess and walked over until the three step near the Lan Hui when the little princess stopped crying, Tian side of the body to block Lan Hui s line of sight to the little princess fed milk, In be prepared to spend some time with another ride, which is a spending project. Lan Hui break off his fingers calculated various expenses when the Si Age back, he looked at Lan Hui breaking fingers look, looked at the table on the list of the Treasury, you know what Lan Hui in trouble. He first cough cough, see Hui Hui back to God to see him slowly after the fidget cube antsy walk to the chair that sat down. Lan Hui also quickly to the four brother line of a squat knee ceremony, Si Age called after the seemingly random asked Fujin just in trouble what Lan Hui think a little fidget cube insider bit embarrassed to say, you Road Why Lan Hui felt it, this home at the cost of living, Lan Hui is not thinking about his own dowry to fill in the points, or looking for children in the outside they opened a cosmetics shop, whatever the outcome is not earned. But how to talk with the Si Age, fidget cube antsy Lan Hui Hui is some embarrassment, Si Age, but love the face of the people, let him know he prepared to use the dowry Treasury Tim Treasury, his face can accept.