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Fidget Cube Black cendants ah Cool thin, on the moment with his wife but also like a knee like glue it, the next moment with his wife to talk about things to the concubine fidget cube mediumslateblue room. And take the time to face a smile, for fear that others do not know how happy to go to concubines. Lan Hui in the spring where the circle walking around, slowly calm down the heart of depression, she knew her mentality or not adjusted, it seems to be an emergency training, and can not put the feelings of Si Age who. Si Age that want to emperor, how could make a pet in the backyard thing It is estimated that this time because he was young, not to win the entropy of this time to relax the pet Lan Hui, or else to Si Age s temper is absolutely not make this kind of criticized by the matter. Lan Hui brain after the Si Age law backyard life, one day to the Fujin house, which side to the side of the house, one day to Princess concubine house. Estimated to fidget cube amazon buy Si Age that stereotyped temperament will be listed in a timetable. To the time if he is also jealou.do not know this experience do not know how many things to come Also requested the mother to go back to my mother for the offense, said this is too late, Ming a daughter in law must personally go to Aniang that Ann. Old mama smiled. Lan Hui busy called Jiang Mama personally replace her to send the old mother. At this time Lee also came forward to retire, Lan Hui naturally not stopped by her back. And so on a room of people have to retire after Lan Hui hui holding a small princess back to his house. Little princess is not heavy, in his arms a little tired of the arm, but Lan Hui back to the house or put her on the bed. At first a little princess lying in bed and did not cry, although the small hand still holding Lan Hui s sleeve, but his eyes closed as if sleeping, did not pay attention he has been moved to bed. Lan Hui gently broke apart her little hand, and finally his sleeve from small hands get out, she had just walked a few steps to go to sit down on the chair, listen to the little princess and cry

a look of depressed look, said Originally undefined status just want to do as usual, who knows Jiudi get a bunch of do not eat to be difficult for the undefined status , Undefined the body had to be only a few good dishes will get out. fidget cube pictures Said the Si Age has not come back when she and Ba Age they repeat it again. Si Age heard the heart though feel better, but still said This time just do not give the next person to the Lord of cooking. As for Jiudian only Yi Fei Goddess spoiled, you have a long time to get used to, He was that way since he was a child. Lan Hui listened to frowned and said In fact, no body of concubine did not personally do, undefined status will only command it.You can not compare with those chefs who do. Si Age smiled and said Then you practice your own cooking well, good practice to give God to do. Lan Hui also have the idea before the cooking practice, anyway, when the Si Age is willing to own mice, some people take the initiative to try her food that is not better. They talked about a.ng to the direction of the Queen Mother pointing to the first lady sitting next to the first, the Zhuang Prince Fu Jin older than the Queen Mother a little bigger, a gold pattern Brown robe, the head combed with a large bun, the top of the phoenix wearing peony gold headdress, the forehead is also wearing embroidered with a shallow moire crape amount. She stood beside a girl, a little thick eyebrows is big black eyes, a large red clothes to bring out her vivid colors. Girls look slightly better than Lan Hui, but the skeleton is significantly larger than the Lan Hui, height and Lan Hui as well. At this time she is open eyes looked fidget cube black Lan Hui and Xiuyun, and then smiled and said to the Queen Mother Empress Dowager, the Cousin Yuzhen like. Cousin said the girl is five Fu Jin, because the fidget cube black girl Ama is Yifei empress of the pro brother, so she would also like to call Yi princes born five princes cousin. At this time, the prince of the village, Fu Jin spoke, and she smiled and said to the Queen Mother, Yu Zhen was.do not want to say a few times in advance to say that it is not a matter of fact, that fidget cube gainsboro is to say, Said the Queen Mother with a sigh, and looked back at Mother Chun, patting her hand with a bitter smile If I had just married to the palace is such a simple temper, and that it is not so good, When that slut Dong E shade also wronged to the thought of this palace can not compare with the vast grassland at any time riding a horse can run two laps, even the palace of the people than the woman on the steppe curved bowel, Every sentence is a trap, alive very tired. Spring Mother is also a look of memories, said At that time is the ancestors of training your meal, called you to listen to see more, less less to do for their own, in order to Horqin also live in the palace down. Yes ah, since I was like a dumb, watching the bitch s son was canonized Prince Edward, and then did not take long to die, and she died, and fidget cube black let the emperor closed the queen, and later the emperor also Dead, Xuan Yeh to the throne, Xuan Ye i.

Fidget Cube Black ut also considered in the Han official stand, although not in the capital Table, but in the local fidget cube with 10 color schemes but very prestigious. The Wu s long and Lee s comparable, are typical of southern beauty. But people have a small cherry mouth, smile does not leak teeth look very gentle. De Fei is also the appearance of Wu s fancy, she felt his eldest son since the appearance of the ordinary off the confinement Song, let the charming Lee s pregnant. While Lan Hui, although Manchu woman, but look at the white skin than the Han Chinese woman to be attractive. Defei brain make up the Si Age backyard of these women, the success of that Si Age is like a charming Han woman. The draft naturally focus on attention in the appearance up. Besides this wave of draft to choose seven princes and eight princes of the Fujin, good Manchu Miss are Kangxi closely watched, clever Defei certainly not at this time up to conspicuous. And the poor family fidget cube australia background Defei and Qiaobu Shang, so fidget cube black had the Han flag in the short stature of the high, and.even if it can not make people say that is because of the three things Fu Wang Xiaolian that reward, but also on the throne to the three princes of a strict family guilty of crimes, after all, there are dirty hands and feet but also was killed , And how these things have to touch the three fidget cube black princes is a fishy. Of course, now Pinger a crazy even more interesting, when she said the phrase you let me go to Wang that Although these words did not finish, but gives a full imagination. This Sanfu to Wang that put what This is not the result of Wang s miscarriage and so on. Si Age thought these hearts finally out of breath, and fidget cube release date finally let the three princes in front of so many brothers and slaves lost face, to see how he also said everywhere Lan Hui is not. Think of today s banquet on the third brother of the strong smile that face Si Age happy, he looked up to the wall to read hi indignant words of the banner, readily turn up the wrist Buddha beads, trying to put themselves Excited mood pressure down. A.