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Fidget Cube Brown fort, although the heart is still worried, but not good to give Lan Hui pressure, then received a fidget cube brown tear told If that person really gave birth to a son, you must ask their own support, Well, as a support to your son after your son is also good.But to remember that time to look at him well, so he ran close to their own pro mother, if the production of the Song can not pass it like it. The child will only recognize you an amount of Mother of the poor I live in the depths of the fidget cube brown Hui children, what matters Mother also can not help. Said Roche eyes full of worry. Daughter will take care of their own, the mother did not worry about her daughter, Ama recently how the body Brother and five cells Lan Hui do not want to continue this topic, quickly asked about the family situation. Your grandmother is the same old, with the spirit of the liquid gourd in your Armagh body is more Jianlang, five cells naughty then, even when you are small naughty, is now wrapped around your brother taught him to ride hunting Your gra.shiver, what look to the Si Age s chest. Four elder brother feel Lan Hui close to his soft body, not help up and down swimming with both hands up, one will confuse Lan Hui panting, the two leaning closer, gradually The next day early Lan Hui did not get up and serve the Si Age dressing wash, Si Age does not care but also feel very good look, people under the automatic eye view nose and nose view of the heart to take care of everything, Si Age Lying in bed Lan Hui laughed fidget cube brown Fu Jin this good rest, the amount of Mother Niangqiang to say. Lan Hui busy emergency way Lord do not go, undefined status for a rest will rise up to the Aniang please. Four elder brother see Lan Hui that look of anxious mood is comfortable, smiled and said You are funny. Lee this time they are on the security of the push.You will get up again, Hui Lan words directly covered the quilt, dare not see the ambiguous face of the slaves were the face of the house. Four Elder Brothers go after the Lan Hui to fidget cube maroon slaves were removed, and th.

utside the tube. Fei Yang ancient step is the commander of the minister, it is in charge of this piece, and later Yongzheng s uncle Long Branch tube the same. So now Fayang ancient rights surge, Si Age natural Yue Zhang more value on this, even with the Lan Hui also value it. Of course, the original Si Age and Lan Hui s feelings on the good, in these two couples be in harmony with the couple. Four Elder brother respect the protection of Hui Hui, Lan Hui also fidget cube brown admire obey Si Age. Si Age recently in addition to dedication in business, the Lan Hui which also dedicated up. Of course, more likely to be the number of best , and Lan Hui is often Si Age best from the bed, but looking at the fourth brother in her stomach that look forward to the eyes, she could not say anything refute. Lan Hui know Si Age is to have a Dizi. Unfortunately, out of people s count, Lan Hui side has been no movement, but Lee was pregnant on the other side. Although the four princes Lan Hui Hui side here to no avail, but Lee has been.ou, Song is not enough, according to fidget cube slategray the rules can not raise children. Lan Hui, although already aware of the rules, but still want to fight, she did not want to raise other people s children, or a child died young, so Lan Hui said God, this child is Song sister born untold hardships , To the concubine of the body may be sad sister sad sister, you see is not particularly enlightened or let the child by the mother is better Si Age frowning, said Song body is not good how can the spirit of raising a good child, God said to you on to you, you do not decline. Lee also spoke at this time, and she smiles tenderly said Fu Jin mind is the most delicate, will take care of the little princess is very good. Lan Hui oblique Lee, she was afraid of Si Age, but Lee may not fear, listen to the words of Lee directly top back Lee sister so praise the Fujin, the blessing do not know what to say, but if Lee Sister feel that the Fujin careful, so that Lee has a child with this sister will take good care of the Fujin. Lee will not be too boring not But the eight blessing Jin did not have this condition, she married the first thing is to Ba Age of the room are sent, I heard that usually do not see the eighth brother of the room through the surface. Now eight Jinfu at home really is nothing to do, out of one or two people to find nagging nibbling also became the main entertainment. Bafu Jin see the two music is not angry, and then said I listen to Cousin said Sisao is the most harmonious of a person, fidget cube instagram this is not on the rush to know what Five Fu Jin listened fidget cube discount code to the busy side, said See you call on the Cousin, and later can not be so called, or called Wusao appropriate point. Anyway, how are called sister in law Bafu Jin unhappy, said called Biao Sao cordial, fidget cube brown say call habits, anyway, I do not want fidget cube hotpink to change, big deal when others face, then called Wusao better. Lan Hui to see the Baifujin refreshing look also liked, and heard these words on the laughed You ah how happy private how to call, and no one knows. Eight blessing.

Fidget Cube Brown know if the hero Angry, what consequences will be. Lee listened to the words of respectful Lan Hui should be down, and the recent four princes and Lan Hui, but the relationship is very harmonious, although the Song before things happen, but not like Si Age As the cold Lan Hui, hand, the more value on the Lan Hui, called her really jealous. But even then jealous Lan Hui, Lee did not dare to show, and now she has not been the attention of Si Age, if too rampant hand, not good. Lan Hui see Lee should be out with her out, not a few people went to the front yard hall, saw Si Age is sitting in the house and to a few Elder brother from time to time chatting what, and Wu Fu Jin In the five princes sitting next to her also stood a dress than the big ladies also better women, Lan Hui know that this should be five princes of the room girl. Elder brother in the house to see Lan Hui came up quickly after the Ann, brother to the four Sister please. Lan Hui said with a smile Brothers to sit down quickly, if there is a.eally hurt the heart of your Troop five sisters. Nine Elder brother heard really can not find anything to refute the words, Lan Hui said is also the fact that nine princes of the Five Jinfu which are disdainful, feel she usually a small Jiazi Qi look, only know to please the Queen Mother , Let her help him get something is a dilemma, but also always went to fidget cube mediumblue his busy under busy, as if to him more like. 9 Elder brother of the most annoying that thrust are not thrust out of the people. But Wujin Jin did not do a little wrong, 9 Elder brother is not good to say what she was so Lan Hui refuted the only had sickly closed his mouth. This will be a pedestrian has been to the main hall, fidget cube in stock see the fourteen are Tai Dalielite sitting in a chair eating smoothie. He saw the Lan Hui came up and walked them sloppy line of the ceremony, and then continue to eat buried up. This is because Ba Age in the sake of, to put their own benefit in this even he will not play. Four people sit down after the Lan Hui told Little Lianzi.