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Fidget Cube Darkred Bafu Jin Kung Fu throwing a lot of single card, watching the hands of Wang and the eight five Fu Jin not help Smiling, but she just saw the king has been out from the hands of eight out of Jin. This does not take advantage of Lan Hui out of the spade 10 five Fu Jin quickly threw out Wang, but also exclaimed excitedly Wang, you do not bar Lan Hui and Bafu Jin look at the hands of the card while shaking his head, five Fujin more excited, and directly to the hands of the eight to throw out, said to the money, to the money, I won. Just then I saw the door of the curtain opened, Si Age, five princes and eight princes at the same time three came in. Wu Jin seeing quickly received a smile on his face, quickly replaced the prince Fujin look. And then with Lan Hui and Bafu Jin stayed with salute. Si Age looked at the situation in the house, I saw Kang table a fruit plate, a dried fruit plate, next to a variety of orange peel, melon skin or something, there are some things like leaves and a pile of scattered piec.a look of depressed look, said Originally undefined status just want to do as usual, who knows Jiudi get a bunch of do not eat to be difficult for the undefined status , Undefined the body had to be fidget cube darkred only a few good dishes will get out. Said the Si Age has not come back when she and Ba Age they repeat it again. Si Age heard the heart though feel better, but still said This time just do not give the next person to the Lord of cooking. As for Jiudian only Yi Fei Goddess spoiled, you have a long time to get used to, He was that way since he was a child. Lan Hui listened to frowned and said In fact, no body of concubine did not fidget cube darkred personally do, undefined status will only command it.You can not compare with those chefs who do. Si Age smiled and said Then you practice your own cooking well, good practice to give God to do. Lan Hui also have the idea before the cooking practice, anyway, when the Si Age is willing to own mice, some people take the initiative to try her food that is not better. They talked about a.

Si Age to the study. A door, Si Age on Chen Sheng said Song things you talk about it Lan Hui long thought, this thing she did according to their usual as usual, she did not believe that Si Age specifically listen to her one to Si Age suspicious of the man had to ask people have fidget cube darkred to be considered, so Lan Hui But also a hint of the fidget cube test statement back to the Lord, undefined status just heard that pregnant women eat more drugs on the fetus is not good, is called Li Taiyi to open some medicated Diet.Since the development of things fidget cube dimgray to the undefined status today is wrong, is concubine The body is not careful. Si Age did not expect Lan Hui did not cry to him what the second did not put the blame to the missing Li fidget cube for sale ebay Taiyi, but two fidget cube light blue words put this thing over, not only admitted his mistake, also said the reason come out. Four Elder brother looked at Lan Hui this indifferent courtesy, do not know how to and their own exchange of this blessing, and he paused, reprimanded In any case, Lord and Euno are because you want to be.ther Intuit annoying To the four Sao please. Ba Age three entered the courtyard to the Lan Hui line of a ceremony. Lan Hui seeing quickly said Brothers up quickly. Three people got up and Lan Hui was laughed Brothers to sit in the room to sit, outside the tightness of the day how cool the house. Said the side of the three greeted the living room went, 14 Elder Brother Daoshi long ago Swiftly ran in the past, his mouth cried sister in law, brother to go first, you quickly keep up. Lan Hui smiled did not pay any attention to fourteen, fourteen often come and Lan Hui is very close, it is always in this Elder brother in what to do, Si Age, although the rules, but in the end of the extra care of this brother, ten Four even more Naughty Si Age is also at most at the same time the board face scolded twice, and 14 already knew that his pro brother is not his hand, in addition to demanding some homework, the other is mostly thunder and rain , So it is not afraid of Si Age. Ba Age looked at fourteen in Si Age thi.said, how do you sit down slaves and then Slaves look at Fujin also stand for so long, or you sit down Said to have moved Of the chair to indicate the side of the slaves into Lan Hui that. Lan Hui smile did not speak, sit down directly. She knew Lee did not dare to sit and let Lan Hui standing, this is not Lan Hui first sit down Lan Hui sat down after a long while reckoning if the Si Age back to the words, as if just like it, facing the Lee s sorry smile said Look at me, patronize anxious Song sister, and forget Just to move a chair, then turned around and told Xiao Lianzi said Li went to the master to move the chair, really no eye price. Command finished again on Lee said Lee sister sit down to break It is not a thoughtful sister. Lee also how to say, just now she can really tired, and thought that since the chair to the Fujin, Fujin will reward the chair to her, the whole half day people from a sit down and put her dry side , And let her stand for a long time before they pretend to just think of it

Fidget Cube fidget cube azure Darkred s, only in the courtyard fidget cube cost of the San Fu Jin severely reprimanded on the outside but also to make a look of courtesy. And three Fu Jin s maid maid when it is also said that the introduction of reverie, and Pinger awake after simply do not remember what he said, even the hands of the eye has long been very pale and not clear, and before she Did not eat anything, so this thing will be nothing, and we all think that Pinger really sick so. So the next day three princes can only on the plead off son, directly admitted that his housekeeper lax. Kangxi on the previous things have long been received before the news, not only Kangxi, even the prince and the big brother back to send after the spy investigation, so we all know how, but the Royal face can not be placed on the table, said naturally. Kangxi when reprimanded a few of the three princes fidget cube darkred also no problem, but after the third brother called the Palace of the Qing Dynasty, a full training in an hour. The San Fu Jin that did not get well, before the Empress D.also let her go back. Then Lan Hui got up to go to the German Princess please, since the ban after a long enough to make the solution according to the rules will benefit every day to the Princess please. Fortunately, the Queen Mother did not have to go there every day, every day to go to the Queen Mother after that please Kangxi fidget cube darkred s concubines are just. Like Lan Hui these Elder brother Fu Jin as long as once a week to become, or like Wu Fu Jin so favored to go every day is also possible. But also to see the Queen Mother was gone. These days Dehui on the attitude of Lan Hui d general, although slightly lighter than usual, it touches on no reward Lan Hui what. Lan Hui is still waiting for fidget cube kickstarter edition the finished meal after the Princess returned to the princess. Back to the house after Lan Hui first asked about the ginger Mother yard there is nothing, I heard all the normal after the expulsion of the next man, into the space. She transplanted yesterday into the space of the Qi species of orchid leaves picked a few out.