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Fidget Cube Desk Toy For Adults ng, probably guessed to be a training. They quietly followed fidget cube black and green Defei a pedestrian walk, even the eyes did not dare to exchange about. Lan Hui followed Defei entered Yonghe Palace main hall, listen to De Fei Nusheng shouted Lan Hui heard this bang kneel on the ground. De Fei did not see Kanlan Hui one, take the old mother s hand into the room to go. Lan Hui did not know how long to kneel, fidget cube desk toy for adults only to feel the legs have been gradually numb, and later did not even feel. At this time for a uniform of the De Fei fidget cube desk toy for adults came out, she crooked sitting on the couch playing with their own set, looking at the following knees Lan Hui faint, said The Palace and you said it Take care of Song, do not come up with the third backyard that kind of thing.What did you promise me Lan Hui at this time can only be repeated said daughter really want to take good care of Song s daughter in law had heard a highly skilled doctor said a pregnant woman to eat more drugs on the fetus influential, daughter, Lan Hui has not been explained by the e.rope or fidget cube paleturquoise Tiaokong are considered lost. This simple, eight fu Jin is a small horse riding hunting is not the Lord, the movement of cells that is also a full. So and Lan Hui wars of a well matched. But then fresh for a while also tired. The two back to the roof side of the chat, chatting, Bafujin breathless, said Although this play can be fun or no Landlord fun, that I am not Cousin got it. Lan Hui smiled and said I think you are still the first five younger brother that work is done, otherwise the five siblings certainly can not come. Eight blessing Jin nodded and said Nothing, as long as I and cousin one said accurate.It is not we go to aunt, she must have time. Lan Hui shook his head and smiled and said If you really want to play to tell the mother should be good, anyway, we all have time to play with is not bad. I will find my aunt if I do not have time, he said. The next day Wujin really did not come, Lan Hui fidget cube desk toy for adults won the poker thing will be sure to tell Yifei, so when you call to the Princess Desire also.

nger siblings, a little trouble to not give the fourth brother to stay, do their own understand, really everywhere Heart, ah You see, I heard that even you are sick of Song called brother and sister are anxious enough to choke it But not my brother does not sound good, brother and sister is anxious and do not let imperial doctor prescription ah This may easily lead to misunderstanding of others We can not out of this royal gossip ah Four Elder brother frowned behind the expressionless, said Third Brother is a mistake it Obviously that Li Taiyi defamation brother Fu Jin, this is not he directly fled the fear of the Well, like this no rootless rumors three Brother or less to listen better, lest Huang Ama reprimanded you partial listen to the letter. Four elder brother this directly to the three princes run without a word, and the two Zhefan conversation, the princes did not participate in them, fourteen would also like to debate a few words, for Lan Hui talk fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow about good things, but was sharp eyed thirteen.identity. Little Princess some weak body, usually around can not leave, you take good care of If a little princess is not good enough for you to take care of the situation, then do not blame the heart of the punishment of your fortune. Three nono should be down, and my heart is also very bitter, when they are also pleased that they can be selected to wait four small master Fubin it Did not think the little master is not only not a brother, or a frail princess, is really the original good fantasy all broke. Lan Hui regardless of how they want, anyway, ugly say in front, and understand that they do not neglect small princess. Then the front of the wet nurse Tian said You first go with a small princess feeding, as the two mothers to go to the little princess of the house to see, looking at those points under the people do not make any mistakes. The fidget cube early bird three should be under the natural field after the first picked up the small princess. Lan Hui see little princess Tian pick up after not crying not help calm such a joke, her master Princess will be able to relax. The thirty ninth chapter husband and wife wholeheartedly So soon to the Song s house. Song as usual did not get out of bed to welcome Lan Hui, Lan Hui also did not notice her De Fei around the old mother to come, anxious Song also relied on the stomach as usual, the piece of meat to raise their own it. Lan Hui did not do these things before, but this is really angry, if the rules obedient Song some, Lan Hui as the master of the feeding of the blessing of her how dare not If it used that disease early, and how there will be after these things, the Queen Mother sent to see her when it would not be a piece of die to look like. Lan Hui words on their own things in space is still very confident. Old Mom came into the room to see the Song lying in bed, while the cloud is on the side of the wait, the two did not come out to greet Lan Hui this blessing. Old Momo a look to frown, which is too much to understand the rules of the Song, and as Princess how.

Fidget Cube Desk Toy For Adults cipe, but also specifically copied three copies, and then continue to start the clothes to Si Age. Waiting for a long while even the child was outside, said Fujin, Ye Ye Jiuye and ten to go, Siye told you to send. Lan Hui heard the words got up and went to the living room, the prescription to the three Elder brother eunuchs close up, and then said If you do not taste it, then come ask sister in law brother have time to sit over. Ba Age, who thanked the Si Age has been sent away. Si Age returned after the gentle look on the Hui Hui said It is hard work. Lan Hui on the front to Si Age for uniforms, side said This is what can be hard, are undefined status should be done. Si Age looked busy for their own busy after the Fujin, and my heart sigh and only Fujin is the real people standing fidget cube limegreen beside him, you can ease the relationship between his mother and mother, you can fidget cube whitesmoke contact him and the friendship between brothers, but also for him Take care of all the things in the backyard. These are not those who can do co.ised by the gardener, is only used to enjoy, and no master who specialized fidget cube desk toy for adults support them. Lan Hui nodded, casually said You get the gardener. Xiao Lianzi promised to quit soon, and soon bring an old eunuch, the old eunuch bow bow came Lan Hui side, knelt down directly, said I just four to the Fu Jin An An, four blessing auspicious. Lan Hui did not see him, fidget cube desk toy still continue to observe that a few orchids, and casually said This bar can be removed a few orchids The old eunuch quickly flattering back can, can, blessing if want to raise, I will put them are transplanted in the pot, noon will be able to send you. Lan Hui nodded and said finished, then you send directly to the blessing of the past After reading a paper children, paper children approached to the reward, the fidget cube desk toy for adults old eunuch smile again and again thanks. Lan Hui see this done, and will put down their minds to really visit the Royal Garden, this time is late autumn, and Royal Garden is not the same as the summer flowers flourishing scenery, but Lan Hui al.