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Fidget Cube Gold ease place a lot of brothers forgive me Ba Age heard the words smiled and said Four Sister this is not shuddering us Brothers also want to come to this brother sitting here, but the study is too busy on the course, Comin or early to quit early to give four Sao Pao sin. Having looked at the side of the 10 princes. 10 Elder brother was Teng stood up, walked in front of Lan Hui, respectful playing a thousand, his mouth buzzing, said Yesterday, his brother was too reckless hit the four Sao. Brother in this to the sister in law. Lan Hui quickly called the side of the small Lianzi propped up 10 princes, she fidget cube darkviolet would have wanted to help their own, but 10 Elder brother this year, 10 years old, this man and woman of seven different seats, let alone 10 years old So had to call up the ten year old son with ten princes, she did not want to be the tenth princes of the ceremony, after all, yesterday 10 princes is also worried that his mother did not accidentally hit Lan Hui Hui. His true feelings of Lan Lan Hui is also.eir own little smart to do a lot of problems, to the earlier marrying those who want to rule and apprehension are forgotten. Feast, after all, there are Zhuang Prince Fujin and other outsiders, Rong Fei did not say very loud, but in the surrounding several concubines and Fujin have heard, three Princess and Princess Feifei heart, has long been Kanlan not pleasing to the eye, De Princess was in the three brother in time miscarriage also damaged Rong Fei, the capacity of the Princess Fei Qi Fei Jin Jin back after the meal reprimanded, natural De Fei has become a three Jin Jin bad mood, so you can see De Fei And Lan Hui lose three blessing heart are happy to blossom. The five Fu Jin and Yi Fei s performance is different, Yi Fei is obviously a look of the way to see the play, and Wu Jin Jin Xiuyun Lan is worried about endless, but she thought Lan Hui even want to harm the Song also do not use such a Phase of the tricks ah Even called the imperial doctor can grasp the handle. Thinking about the private and L.

now fidget cube gold being queen Banzu, simply get out, it can only wait The lifting of the ban that day, anyway, the plan can not do now. Time quietly passed, during which Mother Jiang also found a missing servant, it is the gossip of the Linger, the next people say that since the day I have not seen Roche seen her. And Fei Yang fidget cube sides ancient did not find anything there, just know that the family members of Miss Li disappeared, and Lee came out from the palace after the imperial doctor disappeared. The outside of the message is also a large family of forty nine city quietly spread, but the message as a result of De Fei walk that interference, coupled with the Song is also a fidget cube desk toy good parenting tires, the Queen Mother also sent a rumor, it touches very little Some people directly think that Lan Hui is a heart evil. Think that Lan Hui is just felt Roche couple to protect the good, was drilled the loophole. Everyone private or lively discussion, after all, the royal family out of such a daughter in law or people have great desire t.n Hui came to study, to see more than 14 Elder brother, even thirteen princes also came. After the two of them to Lan Hui a ceremony, 13 Elder brother spoke and said wife, brother, which in turn bother you. Lan Hui smiled and said What to disturb, 13 brother to wife in welcome. 14 Elder brother had already back to the table at this time, and behind him a small fan holding a small fan to the fourteen non stop fan. Even 13 Elder brother eunuch Xiao Lingzi also in the fourteen behind serving, from time to time a cold iced grapes to fourteen mouth side. Lan Hui seeing also not told by the side of the fidget cube navajowhite small Lian Zi said You go and then take two basins of ice. Xiao Lianzi Cha a cry after the retreat, and soon held two basins of ice over Lan Hui command on the edge of the desk on the 14th, after the fourteen said Is it cool Sister in law, brother or hot, or we do not learn today, you tell me a story. 14 Elder brother lying on fidget cube gold the table sickly said. Oh Sister in law can tell stories Quickly to listen. Thirteen.then looked at Lan Hui faint smile asked God does not know that Fu Jin is also a means to know that with this Method to deal with Sansao. Lan Hui listened to these words not help but think of Pinger, so sickly said undefined status is also being forced to do anything, and before that thing to Sansao mischief, undefined status will be how to talk for so long, but also By the Emperor Ma Ma s punishment.This palace are stepped on the high holding low, see concubine lost the potential is not a small fidget cube shopping place.Because of the unfinished body this matter is wrong, Lord and the amount of Niang noodles On the matt, undefined status is no way to come up with this method, in fact, undefined fidget cube on amazon status Pinger is innocent, fidget cube gold perhaps because of the undefined body to do all this will make her lose their lives may also be Regret this done, ye, you said undefined status is not too vicious. Lan Hui heart was tortured, after all, this is the first time she framed others, and Pinger is likely to die, just Si Age s Embrace to appea.

Fidget Cube Gold e out several hair it Four elder brother looked at Lan Hui look of aggrieved look, directly reach out to Lan Hui hold to the legs, chin in Lan Hui s shoulder, and thin lips conspire Lan Hui ear gently laughed Said off the Lan Hui s hairpin, let Lan Hui s hair fell down, long fidget cube gold black hair Phi in Lan Hui and said, Si Age s body, like a black satin covered in the two like. Si Age pretended to stir a ray of hair scrape together in front of the immediate smell of an fragrance with the hair near the floating over. Si Age slightly counseling the counseling of the nose, the charm of the Lan Hui said really fragrant. And Lan Hui in Si Age holding her tightly in the house glanced at the room, see the house only when he and Si Age was relieved. She is not accustomed to show love in front of outsiders. Until Si Age in her ear to say so, Lan Hui body not help a soft, it is too bad Si Age, the mouth of the mouth when talking directly sprayed in the ears of Lan Hui, confused Lan Hui Ma Ma Finally heard the Si Age that d.n around the search for Li s whereabouts, and three princes that he did not so easy to let go, how have pull Back to the Board Caixing 14 Elder brother said a finish, the three princes face not help changed, as the other Elder brother that is completely a look like a lively fidget cube darkslateblue look, three princes usually claim to Huangma s pure minister, with Prince Edward and Big brother on both sides have no close contact, but he does not like the five princes and princes and twelve princes as completely do not care about political affairs, sometimes a positive thump a few, some Kangxi s new eyes, do so though not Offended Elder Brothers, but sometimes people could not understand. This is not too sub then also spoke, he said lightly north faceto this is not a trivial matter, fidget cube gold the emperor, this is not a small matter, Armagh, however, specifically ordered not to abuse the slaves of the palace. Three Elder brother heard these words face volatile, straight said My brother understands that his brother can never ill treatment o.