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Fidget Cube Grey And Black the body. Unfortunately, few people believe, but they believe it does not matter Si Age, anyway, those who go back to check also do not check out. Lan Hui through a good rest in the house to cultivate a while, and soon came in June. This day feel Roche came news that Wan Ting pregnant. Lan Hui busy called Zhang Momo trip home, with her prepared herbs and other things to see the pregnant fidget cube grey and black Wanying. Zhang Mama came back and said Wan Ting looked good, the doctor diagnosed the veins that have been pregnant for two months, as long as the stable wait until March after no problem. Also specifically told Lan Hui Huo feel Roche said Lan Hui that prescription good, called Lan Hui also used. Lan Hui know that Roche is the pregnant prescription, unfortunately Sia brother to which the house that is entirely to see his own meaning, in addition to the first fifteen outside are not regular. Say Lan Hui is only 15 years old, or too early to point the child, not yet fully developed it is not good for children. Lan Hui for.uld be a cry in the past only to check the little princess, I saw him frowning for a long time did not say anything, as if do fidget cube by ansty not know how to say is. Si Age see the imperial doctor s heart also slowly sink. Sagittarius sweep to Si Age gloomy face, but also did not dare to hide it, he fell to his knees on the ground, said Back to Siye, then a little princess some deficiency of the disease, this, this, Si Age frowned shouted said. The imperial doctor quickly replied This deficiency can only be more nursed back to health, but Wei Chen is not very good at this aspect.Si Ye can Sun Taiyi to see, he is most adept at this. Four Elder brother listened to the words of the imperial doctor so that a wink to the high without a high, no need to immediately withdraw the high Sun Taiyi doctor. Then Lan Hui spoke So please also ask the imperial doctor to the next pulse of the Song please. After listening to the doctor should be busy nodding down there Song. After the imperial doctor left the house on the quiet, and onl.

are pregnant with the child s woman Sister, love their daughter in law reluctant to learn, sister, but to do it. Having said these words Rongfeifeifei replied, and a look of serious on the face of a serious right to do so. Do not know Song Gege stomach in the flesh and blood is my home blood How can you let such a wanton, even dare to be Song Is it Did not your mother teach you De Fei heard the words immediately changed his face, which Rongfei said enough damage, who knows she said Lan Hui s mother is feel Roche or De Fei, really curse into the two of them. Lan Hui did not think there will be this scene, her mind is now in a mess, simply did not want to understand how their ill treatment Song, and she just want to eat more Medicinal Diet to improve the modern woman is not pregnant Can not just take medicine Even if the doctor to prescribing drugs are also some of the drugs did not affect pregnant women, now the imperial doctor how powerful doctor after three hundred years, to know those drugs on pregna.eir own little smart to do a lot of problems, to the earlier marrying those who want to rule and apprehension are forgotten. Feast, after all, there are Zhuang Prince Fujin and other outsiders, Rong Fei did not say very loud, but in the surrounding several concubines and Fujin have heard, three Princess and Princess Feifei heart, has long been Kanlan not pleasing to the eye, De Princess was in the three brother in time miscarriage fidget cube grey and black also damaged Rong fidget cube amazon Fei, the capacity of the Princess Fei Qi Fei Jin Jin back after the meal reprimanded, natural De Fei has become a three Jin Jin bad fidget cube grey and black mood, so you can see De Fei And Lan Hui lose three blessing heart are happy to blossom. The five Fu Jin and Yi Fei s performance is different, Yi Fei is obviously a look of the way to see the play, and Wu Jin Jin Xiuyun Lan is worried about endless, but she thought Lan Hui even want to harm the Song also do not use such a Phase of the tricks ah Even called the imperial doctor can grasp the handle. Thinking about the private and about the news that Liu Mama is the Empress Wu Eniang around effective Of the fidget cube grey and black slave, usually has been helping to take care of things in the House.The referral Wu Wu s mother put Liu mother to the Wu s, also Liu Mama s men to stay in the Wuzhu Guofu made a big housekeeper, Son also help to donate money to the official, as her daughter in law is arranged to Wu s dowry Zhuangzi, evidently is the family tied fidget cube grey and black to Wu s body, leaving only her man at home to contain. Lan Hui hear, said Well, do not say Wu s Ama Niangniang would like to very thoughtful. That Liu Mama was in charge of what the original Fuchu live Mother Ma, said the mother, had been the master of the kitchen, and later transferred to the consul, the maidservant servant, who had been consigned to her. Lan Hui Yang raised his eyebrow, said So that this thing is very understanding of the kitchen thing, do not say her, you find someone staring at fidget cube lightpink the point on the line, let s go to the kitchen to see it this night the brothers to come Give them Maho.

Fidget Cube Grey And Black ter the words or not dare to stand up, but the head is not knock. Lan Hui seeing then said You usually see which maidservants most like to say gossip, which maidservants like to run out, which maidservants popularity best, most people can really like, as well as Lee and Song s side maidservants and Who is better Well, I do not mind maidservants, eunuchs and mothers. Paper children thought more flexible, a Hui Hui words to know what she wanted to know, so began to carefully thought up. She added back to Fu Jin, Li s yard is a gossip, usually after the completion of living and other slaves chatter on a few back to the house. Siye yard aunt s most sympathetic, and I heard that Siye side of the competent people, the courtyard of the ladies eunuchs are she taught out, we all like her Ligge big palace Cuihuan very arrogant people , The servant to see no one and she is better, but Lee s courtyard maidservants all come to curry favor with her.Songgege around the fidget cube thistle cloud is a boring person, before the Song Princes.atching stomach, and hold back the heart of the grievances and Lee sisters side chat back to the new house. She did not want to go with Lee, but they are the three princess living in the last into the yard, said it was a neighbor it is not with the walk does not become. The next night, Si Age really and rest in the Wu s there. Facts have proved that Jiang Mama really want more. Jiang Mama the third day early in the morning to see Lan Hui Shi also some uneasy, she was afraid of their fidget cube release day own words to Lan Hui yesterday to have a fantasy, this illusion of natural will be more despise her. The words of Jiang Mama recently in Lan Hui This is really not taken seriously. Since the Song s Hui Lan Hui after the mother in law to support them, what is important to do fidget cube red things are Zhang Momo, Jiang Momo is not completely lost the right, but she is still around by the Lan Hui military adviser change Has become the logistics minister. This is a natural ginger mother extremely painful. Afraid of Lan Hui after the first one.