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Fidget Cube Kickstarter Purchase we hope to see the fun Oh Chapter 53 Commitments Lan Hui This is and Zhang Mama said, I heard outside the small Lian Zi reported Fu Jin, Si Ye come. Lan Hui got up and want to welcome out. However, she had just come to the ground to see Si Age has opened a curtain came in, Sijia see Lan Hui get up to greet him busy said Do not play, the Lord has called the buy fidget cube online imperial doctor came. Lan Hui listened to the Elder brother, then leaning against the bedside lying, this said undefined status all right, just just a little scared it, came back after the slow has come, the Lord do not worry. Not a glorious thing, did not let the imperial doctor saw a joke. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui looking better also calm down. He stepped forward to sit on the bed looking at Lan Hui said Nothing is also called the imperial doctor to see if we go, do not worry, this is a doctor of imperial imperial doctor who will not go out to talk nonsense. Lan Hui listened to these words only smiled and said That concubine was assured to sa.Cuihuan and Siye yard to speak, At that time the attitude of Cuihuan very respectful, looked like a hill in the sub grate what the slave was afraid of being found, also left as the cloud is indeed a salt does not enter the side of all faint Preparedness, but very loyal to the Song, ran out of slaves slaves are not clear. Lan Hui listened to the words of paper, then nodded, called the two withdrew. At this time outside the small Lianzi reported Fu Jin, De Fei Goddess around the old mother came. Come in. Finished Lan Hui sitting in the chair looking at the old mother came in. Old mother to Lan Hui salute said The old slave is the order of the goddess to take care of Song s, Fu Jin, please go directly to the old slave to Song on the line. Lan Hui heard stood up and smiled and said Mother can come really good, Lan Hui fidget cube royalblue to take care of pregnant women is not in line, it can not bear this responsibility, there is a mother to take care of the Song will be able to safely produce, And Mother can learn both hands.

se to forget to close up again and again by the side of the minions found in addition to their usual also have a lot of free time, so re bound a blank book, Ladies Chuan words, which copy the contents of the traditional Red House, directly to the red house get a vest looked up. This really can frighten the people around, Zhang Maomi see Lan Hui holding a martyr when passing was also quipped Fu Jin now really grow up, remember the fidget cube darkorenge Fujin child also disdain for this strong woman. Is that this book is to imprison the idea of a woman and write, and said he did not see anything to do, and now married people really and not the same as before. Lan Hui heard this also laughed, she was in the fidget cube navajowhite old residence of Faye Yang has always been what to say, which is now everywhere as constrained, always be vigilant. Think really is not miss the day of marriage. In fact, Lan Hui Why so hard to copy the book and then come up with it, mainly because she likes to lie in bed habit can not change, although in the space Lan Hui n.s highest executive, Lan Hui is necessary to advance understanding of Wu s everything. So tell the fourteen about Wu s everything was Lan Hui mind down. Of course, the surface of Lan Hui, or on the fourteen said This is the amount of grace on our junior grace, sister in law also would like to thank the fidget cube kickstarter purchase Eiangniang it Moreover, Lee is fidget cube kickstarter purchase now pregnant with the body of the Song is not good in the rest.Sister in law to manage the yard, but also pay attention to human relations, and now about to come in a sister to help his wife, sister in law can not quickly. Fourteen heard the rise of the puzzled asked That Wu s sister in law is not sad to you Lan Hui pick eyebrows surprise, said What sad Fourteen obviously some tangled, he touched his head light mumbled The harem into the amount of how the mother will be sad Lan Hui since the first layer of power law after practicing a lot of enhanced sense of five, is naturally heard the words of muttering fourteen. But Lan Hui is not good on De Fei injury is not sad to do.aid, her daughter has grace, so she told her daughter, I heard this is the secret law. If you can give birth to a small nephew, the amount of mother is also happy not. fidget cube kickstarter purchase If you can give birth to a small nephew, is not happy Feel Roche nodded, also known as Lan Hui repeat it carefully to write down. After the pouch out of a Yuping, and handed Lan Hui said This is your big wedding on the front of fidget cube lightseagreen the fidget cube kickstarter purchase mother s half bottle of spiritual liquid, the amount of mother brought you. You received, there are a lot of family Take some time from time to time, early pregnancy is also called the mother of your mother and Amma assured. Lan Hui think of their kind of treasure fidget cube coral tree gourd in recent years should also be fast results, and to the time of the end of the fidget cube kickstarter purchase gourd and then sent back home better. So to accept the Yu Ping. They talked for a while, feel Roche back. Feel Roc s Lan Hui sitting in the house playing with Yu Ping, found inside the soul fluid than before a lot, it is estimated that the fee Yang ancient coupl.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter Purchase is also and confidant Mother asked the same question. Slaves to fidget cube maroon see four Fujin heart very good, is too good, and slaves to see the Song also see Fu Jin Song sent to those good medicine, are difficult to find on the year, and the servant also said that Fu Jin Day will send someone to send some good nourishing soup and delicious food, but rather the Song is not, just take medicine, even less food to eat.Another four Fujin grew up in a simple home, do not The thought of contention for the family to take care of the good. Roche happy when every day to personally do all kinds of food sent to Unfortunately, the Queen Mother is now the spring side of the spring maternal grandmother to massage the shoulder Said with a smile. Unfortunately, the Song is not her Empress feel Roche, which will believe her See Lan Hui that attentive appearance does not think Lan Hui vital to her Lan Hui is also a simple point, which would like to get around the winding. Do not simply like a fool, like saying in the palace, then.hold. Or that they really played a change But remember that the original brother is no small princess so attached to their own ah Although usually prefer to pestering himself, but as long as the feel Roche in the side, that five cell is definitely go to Niangqiang mother. Lan Hui wondering is not to look at the Song, chances are a small grid is also close to the Song to find hold it Soon outside it was informed that the wet nurse and the mother who came. Lan Hui heard the busy busy to stop his cranky, first small grid arrangement is down. Lan Hui then loudly said come in. Lan Hui Hui said a fall from the outside into the three women. One twenty year old woman s long term net of pure white, kind hearted to walk in the forefront, followed by two more than 30 year old mother, like some majestic stereotypes, it is Lanqie earlier for the little princess pick milk And Mother. Lan Hui to see the three entered the room a touch, said You are the person selected to serve the small princess, to remember their own.