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Fidget Cube Lightsteelblue solemnly of the Si Age said Lord, undefined status of things you want to ask you. Four Elder brother listened to the raised eyebrows said Fujin what to say Lan Hui Wai crouched on the pillow staring four Elder brother s fidget cube lightsteelblue eyes, said Do not say the child did not be able to be their own pro nourishment will not have any regrets, to say concubine They are also afraid of some ill conceived body, after all, not their own child, how can I really regard it as their own undefined status said this is not afraid of God blame, but really tell their own ideas are like God as small Princess such a concubine kept two months of my heart also has feelings, she suddenly went to the fidget cube lightsteelblue concubine of the body and mind is more difficult to tighten, and sometimes think better than the original by the sister in custody of the Song, the matter may not be undefined So sad, and Song sister will fidget cube lightsteelblue not make such a thing today.This pain is not really want to experience. Four Elder brother listened to Lan Hui, then into a contemplation, h.en body to see a few prescriptions quite interesting, called brother to help collect a number of raw materials, the Psychedelic drug raw material is concubine my brother to help collect. Si Age carefully looked at the prescription, puzzled and asked This recipe on the prescription of some of God has not heard of your brother how to help you find Lan Hui said In front of a number of patterns, undefined status is only called my brother to help collect how to buy fidget cube some unusual plants, not only medicinal herbs is such a concubine brother is also busy for several years before the whole income. Your brother knows this book Si Age asked. Lan Hui quickly shook his head and said My brother is not clear, undefined status just like to tinker with these plants from an early age, always called his brother to collect some seeds and the like, my brother was to help these things when the concubine did not doubt what. Four Elder brother heard the words of Lan Hui nodded, and probably turned over after closing the medical book, and.

then looked fidget cube lightsteelblue at Lan Hui faint smile asked God does not know that Fu Jin is also a means to know that with this Method to deal with Sansao. Lan Hui listened to these words not help but think of Pinger, so sickly said undefined status is also being forced to do anything, and before that thing to Sansao mischief, undefined status will be how to talk for so long, but also By the Emperor Ma Ma s punishment.This palace are stepped on the high holding low, see concubine lost the potential is not a small place.Because of the unfinished body this matter is wrong, Lord and the amount of Niang noodles On the matt, undefined status is no way to come up with this method, in fact, undefined status Pinger is innocent, perhaps because of the undefined body to do all this will make her lose their lives may also be Regret this done, ye, you said undefined status is not too vicious. Lan Hui heart was tortured, after all, this is the first time she framed others, and Pinger is likely to die, just Si Age s Embrace to appea.owager and Kangxi did not care about how the room is out of the child, this time found himself punished some natural. So after the blessing of Jin Hui Lan Hui Hui Lili after the ban on the foot. This count come to an end, Si Age and Lan Hui out of this tone also began to play their own days. Two people be husband and wife made this thing, so naturally close to many of the relationship, together with Lan Hui fidget cube cyan to Si Age that the medical book, Si fidget cube black and red Age is also very satisfied, which can be more than a psychedelic prescription drugs, as well as A lot of strange prescription. Lan Hui reckoned Si Age with the trial of several parties that the trial of the enemy is still very useful. Si fidget cube springgreen Age also Zhaolan Hui to the psychedelic drug material, Lan Hui to the sun more than those who gave the Si Age, just that is left before. Si Age did not doubt, after all, how can he think Lan Hui portable with a space too Only fidget cube lightsteelblue thought it was saved before the Bale. Between the two feelings of heat, Lee and the Song of the natural looked glowing green Plant heart is also very happy, a time this time in the heart of the sulk was swept away. She looked back at the old eunuch also followed, so he called, from time to time pointing to fidget cube mediumturquoise some of the plants to ask the specific situation. Old eunuch dry this may be a long time, no matter what Lan Hui asked him to answer up. Lan Hui also had a few kinds of space is not the seeds of plants, think of the back and then a good finishing space in order to put these are planted. A few people walked a rockery, suddenly a flash face flash hit the body Hui Hui. Scared behind the small lynching child busy yelling they came forward, paper children and Yan child panic to grab Lan Hui s arms, Zhang Momo also shouting Fujin careful in Lan Hui back With his hands then, even the child is the whole person flutter on the ground trying to do Lan Hui s back. Which did not prevent a lot of panic Lan Hui back down the results. Lan Hui was the man s fierce hit a bit, he also dizzy, and also did not think anyt.

Fidget Cube Lightsteelblue d directly to the old Mother said Here are the things to the mother, and I went back, you can rest assured that I can. Then leaning firmly on the hands of small Lian Zi Dangdang Out of the house. From beginning to end there is no opportunity to open the Song. Hui Hui back to the house to drive out the next man, and the space directly to the beads together with the ancient books that took out. She quickly turned ancient books, such as looking for something. In fact, before the Lan Hui is probably just looked at, but she remembered there is a prescription, is to make the spirit of the lax so as to say some fidget cube gainsboro of the truth of the drug. She had an idea, but also rely on this prescription can fidget cube sizes be achieved. Soon Lan Hui found the pharmacy, just listen to her whispering Well, this Luohuan tree space, the poppy has seen En Qi species of orchids is what Lan Hui readily took out a The book checked up, half a day later found Oh This is the original, I like to see in the Royal Garden. But Lan Hui think they are.the Treasury, but entangled for a long time, no wonder later generations that Si Age thrift, is it a child poor fear to develop the problems Lan Hui probably calculate the expenditure of the year, the first plane in addition to the elder brother of the Elder Brothers pension, those slaves are issued by the Kangxi wages. Lan Hui they are white living in the palace, a month can get monthly money, it can be said to eat Kangxi Kangxi lived. As for the case of Lee and Song s money was issued by the Lan Hui, and that money is not looking Lan Lan Hui in the eyes. But when they see Sigong Li Li their reward, Lan Hui on the heart uncomfortable, not jealous, mainly those things that are rewarded in the Treasury, and are generally antique furnishings or valuable jewelry. These also have to be Lan Hui and Si Age s common property is not, then it is sent out to a less one ah And each year like Kangxi, Empress Dowager, De Fei, as well as brothers and sisters, Tong Jia s relatives, royal clan old princes what birthda.