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Fidget Cube Make Noise han he left some, after all, when the fourth brother to go when the Song has been very thin. Now the Song but grew some of the meat, especially the stomach in her single handed care under the help of some even greater. Lee s looked very good, more delicate and moving than before, and today, she also specially dressed a bit, a pink dress to bring out her bright white delicate skin. Finally, four elder brother s eyes turned to Lan Hui, he carefully looked at the Fujin, Lan Hui face found in the past can often fidget cube kickstarter youtube see the Mingyan smile disappeared, replaced with a faint decent smile, his eyes fidget cube dice are not that soft and simple look , I do not know when more than a number of strong and fidget cube make noise resolute. Si Age Leng Leng looked at Lan Hui, do not know what she did not experience in the end of the past two months, even the temperament of the body have changed. Side of the high looked at the Si Age shocked, quickly coughing a little whisper, Si Age crossed, coldly told You have to retire it Lan Hui should be a cry, followed by.atching stomach, and hold back the heart of the grievances and Lee sisters side slack toys fidget cube chat back to the new house. She did not want to fidget cube japan go with Lee, but they are the three princess living in the last into the yard, said it was a neighbor it is not with the walk does not become. The next night, Si Age really and rest in the Wu s there. Facts have proved that Jiang Mama really want more. Jiang Mama the third day early in the morning to see Lan Hui Shi also some uneasy, she was afraid of their own words to Lan Hui yesterday to have a fantasy, this illusion of natural will be more despise her. The fidget cube make noise words of Jiang Mama recently in Lan Hui This is really not taken seriously. Since the Song s Hui Lan Hui after the mother in law to support them, what is important to do things are Zhang Momo, Jiang Momo is not completely lost the right, but she is still around by the Lan Hui military adviser change Has become the logistics minister. This is a natural ginger mother extremely painful. Afraid of Lan Hui after the first one.

l. The two men just one in, listen to the sound of three Fujin Yo Four siblings and five brothers and sisters do not ask sister in law together ah Let s live together. This is a hall of everyone s eyes are converging to Lan Hui and Xiuyun body. Thirty sixth chapter with this matter will be able to rest you Lan Hui and Xiuyun to the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother, please after the salute, Xiuyun smiled and replied Sansao can not think about Oh I just met Sisao on the road just happened, this came together. Lan Hui also nodded. Three Fu Jin smiled and said That s four brothers and sisters and I did not fate of the five siblings, and the two of you do not say when living in a draft house, that is, just go out to run it. When the Queen Mother spoke Well, you sister in law like to chat back to Elder brother to talk about it Fourth daughter in law, show clouds, come over, Ai family to introduce you to the next Prince Zhuang Fujin. Lan Hui and Xiuyun heard the words went to the Queen Mother side, and pointi.spoiled by her slaves and her Koroma, and usually there is nothing to say, you do not mind. The Queen Mother listened to do not care, said No matter, Yu Zhen also did not come to the palace to play this Ningshougong, she was so eager to know the family is also Ai like her temper. Finished facing the Lan Hui And Xiuyun said This is the prince s granddaughter, and the amount of stature is still the daughter of Guo Luo Luo Yuzhen, your little sister usually get along more than get along. Lan Hui authentic fidget cube to listen to the Queen Mother Yuzhen introduction, but also know that this is the famous eight fu Jin, but she did not have time to consider these, because she must wait on the Druid. The show is directly called the Queen Mother to the side, to accompany her and those old princes Fujin chat, in addition to today, there are Prince An Jin Fu Jin Fu Jin and Prince Yu Fu Jin and others. Only to bring the girl to only the Prince of Fujin only. Lan Hui came to De Fei behind her to the ceremony, De Fei faint nodded after.a surprise over there, after all, it is not the four princes this time in Lee s habit, pleasant Lee recent nursed back to health, not a few times Pregnant with. Found Lee pregnant this day happens to be Si Age s birthday, the imperial doctor to Lee s diagnosis that pregnant just half a month, to tell the truth Lan Hui is admire the imperial fidget cube make noise doctor, did not expect the stomach less than a month can diagnose hi pulse to. Si Age is very happy, of course, has always been birth, coupled with concubine pregnancy, is indeed double happiness. Lan Hui on this is also very much at home, according to Song s example, the first to avoid the Lee s every morning, please, and then specifically to the Defei that invited the mother to take care of Lee, once a month peace pulse diagnosis, Song was so busy before and after, and everything according to the rules. Lee is also significantly better than the Song s wait, and no major problems, is the mouth to pick point, nothing on the Lan Hui swinging two laps that show off. O.

Fidget Cube Make Noise y it is true, undefined status of the body really afraid to pass it out, unblemished body can not afford to lose this person Si Age heard these words really want more, he said unhappy how Is not the suspects fine Song fine too light Lan Hui explained with a smile God can not get me wrong undefined, undefined status how to dare to question the decision of God, God naturally have their own ideas. Unfinished body just some uncomfortable heart, did not expect the sister of the concubine Song so much Even in front of so many people want to undefeated body surface. Four Elder brother hear Lan Hui also put down the hearts of unhappy, looked at Hui Hui said Song mind is too dark, every day thinking of someone vital to her, she did not think there Ye, how this courtyard God does not move her, and let her die fidget cube kickstarter video in the backyard it just a pity on a small princess stalls so the amount of mother, or else it must be healthy and lively, which will be so early Go on Lan Hui listened also sadly down, think about after reported Siye, Fujin, Lin imperial doctor to. Si Age Sheng voice said come in. I saw a 30 year old man bowed came in, one came to kneel down to the Si Age and Lan Hui line ceremony. Come on, come over to see the Fujin. Si Age said. Lin imperial doctor looked up behind the sweep a bit and saw Lan Hui s direction after the busy bow came over, first to Lan Hui diagnosis of the pulse, after a quick sweep Lan Hui neck pinch marks. Check back two bow down bow said back to Siye, then, fidget cube make noise Fugin body no harm, but by some frightened, to be Xiaguan to open some sedative medicine to drink like, as the bruises on the neck of the official that Side of some ointment, cast on three days can be cured. Si Age heard nodded, and asked God look at the sound of some voices to speak to Fujin, do not have to take some other soup Lin said, fidget cube make noise The soothing medicine has been added to the treatment of fidget cube colors Fujin throat herbs, so do not have another prepared. Si Age heard nodded satisfaction, but also told Fujin just go to the little prin.