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Fidget Cube Mediumpurpul w much money, which, as some people learn bad, their own people as well as someone else to pick the wrong. Lan Hui said this is naturally Nine Elder Brother , 9 Elder brother in the study is not a grade that is a class, it is only a little better than 10 Elder brother Bale. Nine Elder brother of a fire cengceng straight up channeling, so he learned not to be Kangxi to be seen, but for a favored mother of the amount of indigestion Zaibu Ding bully it so he usually hate to learn something He is the key to most people who provoke him ah 9 Elder brother is out of the name of revenge, rancid ideas bad trick one by one, people very hard to prevent, together with provoke him to provoke the Yi Fei and five princes. That are all favored characters, fidget cube on kickstarter simply can not guilty of offending. But Lan Hui can not control so much, nine Ago Intuit annoying, Lan Hui memory seems to have not provoked him ah, he poured twice a trouble, really can fidget cube golenrod be tolerated what can not be tolerated. Fifty fifth chapter Fujin not sink 14 Eld.the paper children, paper children from the next prepared. After dinner for a while, Lee and Wu s wait on Lan Hui and Si Age after dinner, Si Age said a Lord to go , and then went to the Yamen poor. Si Age had just gone listen to Lee said Wu sister came to the first may not understand the rules, said Wu looked at the head of the Hetian hairpin, and then said The sister of the head hairpin can not see the red , The red can be used only Fujin. Wu s head hairpin is auspicious wishful sculpture, but also dotted with a variety of colors above the gem, which has a red rice gem, either Lee said , And Lan Hui are not found. The Wu listened to Lee s words, then directly on the Lan Hui knelt fidget cube mediumpurpul down the crime Fu Jin Shuzui, this set is the face of Germany and empresses specifically to the slaves, slaves see Germany Goddess reward not dare not, so brought out It is not intended to offend Fujin. Lan Hui carefully looked at that support a hairpin, smiled and said Come on, this set of head and face is the amount of your.

Jin offend you, how can you revenge to an innocent girl who. You are timid, afraid to involve themselves so simply out of gas in the slave body. You changed, no longer a good little nurse, and you have become a devil does not take life seriously. Lan Hui was tortured by fidget cube mediumpurpul these two voice headache splitting, she threw away the hands of the brush, his hands clutching his head and cried No, no, I do not, I am not a devil.I do not, hum, want to go home. Just when Lan felt behind a wide chest wrapped himself. The Si Age magnetic voice is also sounded in the head Do not cry, the Lord in this. Si Age of the hands are also non stop slap Hui Hui s back. In fact, he was also shocked, a door to see Lan Hui holding his head sobbing, approached also heard her muttered what the amount of mother, home. Four elder brother had no time to ask Lan Hui how, and quickly picked up Lan Hui, he did not know fidget cube mediumpurpul how to comfort a woman, but kept patting him, his mouth repeatedly said do not cry. After a long time after Lan Hui also c.ried tired, lying on the Si Age of the body pumping the tears of the tears are snorting tears to Si Age clothes. Si Age did not notice Lan Hui action, see Lan Hui emotional stability was puzzled and asked how How to cry Lan Hui heard Si Age questioning can not help but embarrassed, she did not know whether it is necessary to calculate the Pinger thing to say, if the words can not help but even explain the medical books, and those of Aoyao herbal medicine also said Not clear. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui embarrassed look quickly sink to face, directly fidget cube golenrod pushed Lan Hui went to one side. Lan Hui see Si Age s heart is not how to feel better, just when she was sad, but Si Age has been accompanied by the side, and before those gossip by the agony when Si Age also did not doubt or reprimand her. Lan Hui thought up and walked to the bed, from the bedside cabinets bumbling out of a book, in fact, Lan Hui directly to the space of medical books took out. She holds a medical book and handed the Si Age, and then sto.r own use Sister in law first went out. Lan Hui finished these words, listen to the other side of the 10 Elder brother yelled Sisao pain under fidget cube mediumpurpul the brother, this recipe to a few dishes also copied to his brother a bar Then pointing to the old sweet and sour meat, Fried eel silk and spicy tofu looked helplessly Lan Hui. Lan Hui seeing busy laughed This is what, back to the sister in law to the recipes of these dishes gave 10 brother copied down. 10 Elder brother listened again and again thanks. Ba Age also side of the laughed That brother is not trouble sister in law, and back according to the recipe of the recipe Shidi on the line, this dish should be like the mother of the amount of. Said to look to the side of the green tea doll dish. 9 Elder brother to listen to eight princes and ten princes are not to say so Pielepiezui, but because Si Age in this, he did not say anything. Lan Hui smiled and withdrew, leaving them a buy fidget cube kickstarter edition few brothers free house dining. Back to the room after Lan Hui first copy down the re.

Fidget Cube Mediumpurpul number of other topics on the placement. And Ba Age three from Si Age that came out to the eighth son of the yard went together. Back to the house 10 Elder brother directly down in the chair, feeling his eating slide round belly straight to shouting. And 9 Elder brother is a look of depressed distorted in the chair, his hands clutching the armrest of his face fidget cube ebay au look distorted. Ba Age is also maintained a gentle attitude, I saw him sitting in a chair, looked at the Elder brother and took aim at the nine Elder brother. After a long while before he said It seems that we Sisow sister d mild temper, and the fourth brother fidget cube early bird fidget cube a vinyl desk toy that cold look completely different. Ten elder brother then said Well, my brother did not expect the fourth brother can also specifically called Sister to visit my mother, I thought the fourth brother to run things in the palace to reprimand it. 9 Elder brother then spoke What is unexpected, Mahone this time with the third brother pinch it If you re training your meal to fidget cube mediumpurpul burst this explosion.so looked glowing green Plant heart is also very happy, a time this time in the heart of the sulk was swept away. She looked back at the old eunuch also followed, so he called, from time to time pointing to some of the plants to ask the specific situation. Old eunuch dry this may be a long time, no matter what Lan Hui asked him to answer up. Lan Hui also had a few kinds of space is not the seeds of plants, think of the back and then a good finishing space in order to put these are planted. A few people walked a rockery, suddenly a flash face flash hit the body Hui Hui. Scared behind the small lynching child busy yelling they came forward, paper children and Yan child panic to grab Lan Hui s arms, Zhang Momo also shouting Fujin careful in Lan Hui back With his hands then, even the child is the whole person flutter on the ground trying to do Lan Hui s back. Which did not prevent a lot of panic Lan Hui back down the results. Lan Hui was the man s fierce hit a bit, he also dizzy, and also did not think anyt.