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Fidget Cube Mintcream sheng s son was so active or canonized for example, then the capacity of the case of Ma Jia Shi is also be boil out. In the same year Kangxi also ordered a button cobalt Paul fidget cube for press release s as the Queen, as well as the Elder brother of the amount of Niang Hui bin and the palace should be just the example. Si Age s adoptive mother Tong Jia Shi is also the canonization of the Royal. At this time of the Wujia Tong Jia Shi s ladies or it Tong Jia s own has been out of nothing so helpless arrangements Wuya s favor, this is not only a Kangxi Wuyi success on pregnant. And then the contents of the example also immersed in their already sealed example of the dream can not extricate itself, the palace of the palace of the concubine pregnant also did not even fancy, who knows Kangxi even fidget cube mintcream in the Uygur gave birth to Si Age did not take long put Ukraine Jasper s direct closure of the example, all of a sudden a maid and Rong Ping on an equal footing, which depends on what ah Who allow these years to serve Kangxi, gave birth to hi.n their own, children heard this paper walked quickly in the past. I saw she and Xiuyun said two words after the show stand in place to look back to Lan Hui Hui. Lan Hui Xiang Xiuyun nodded his head, he also accelerated the pace to catch the past. Would fidget cube maroom have wanted to go there to find you with Sisao go, then think about if we fall to the three Sao, Sansao should have an opinion, so I am a person away, did not think we really have a sister in law, The road can run into. Xiuyun first class Lan Hui walked into the first opening said. Lan Hui smiled back You want fidget cube mintcream to be thoughtful, so it should be. Xiuyun also laughed, looked at the amount of benefits after Lan praise, said Sisao skin better, this makeup is not like those ladies your ladies were so thick, it seems refreshing. Lan Hui glanced at Xiuyun one, said helplessly You are more and more profit, and remember when the draft was still a shy temper, and now boast people do not blush. Xiuyun buy fidget cube ebay came forward to hold a Lan Hui s arm, smiled and said This is not.

ther this mouth Foul. Chapter forty encounter ten princes Four Elder brother came back a few days on the solution of the Empress Dowager Hui Ban ban, these days Si Age in Lan Hui this break for a night, the rest of the time most of them went to Lee there. Because he came back to severely reprimanded the courtyard of the servant, so it is no longer re root, as the steward of the above things or by Lan Hui is responsible for, both in front of people as much as possible to maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, trying to In this way to resist the rumors, after all, if Lan Hui really hurt the Si Age s heirs, how could that four princes Lan Hui so good. Ban ban after the release of Lan Hui and in the yard for a week, during which 14 Elder brother came to think about Lan Hui this thing, but did not read anything else, but said Huang Arma arranged for him to the law The sea as a teacher, he and 13 Elder brother to learn, and said there will be time after the Lan Hui this, called Lan Hui t.wife and affection, or else have had a ugly child how to get to the front of the brothers did not face no. This is not his lust, it is entirely for the handsome next generation. Lee was a four princes stare not dare to say, and sickly retreat to one side. Lan Hui said Ye, fidget cube for sale or call the imperial doctor to the children to see if there is anything wrong with early treatment. Si Age hear Lan Hui also said that the opening to high no need to say go to the imperial doctor Please go to the main house to go. Commanded directly to the front yard went to the foot. Lan Hui and Lee naturally follow the pace of Si Age, and soon a pedestrian to the front yard, Si Age took the lead on the first seat and then signaled Lan Hui sitting next to him, and the old mother holding a little princess standing next, Lee Sitting under the Lan Hui. Imperial doctor soon arrived, the first line of the ceremony to fidget cube mintcream Si Age, Si Age called after the command said Look at the body to the little princess. Respectful of the imperial doctor sho.hild to the four Fu Jin care, naturally you can block someone else s mouth. De Fei thought had to do so, as Lan Hui in the end how to deal with the children of Song is fidget cube mintcream not De Fei consider the issue, anyway, after the fourth son of a woman to a child, and which tube this did not meet Of the grandchildren or granddaughter it De Fei would like to after the arrangement of the old mother asked You say this Lan Hui in the end is a true virtuous or a fake virtuous If it is true and virtuous, then that she does not make people do not misunderstandings are impossible, If the fake virtuous that she hides too deep, and to see her like a good look for the Song actually like the real. The old mother since the Derek was a pet began to wait on De Fei, so there is not so much scruples to speak, she thought, after all, she is pleased to serve Roche this thing is true, The old slave had inquired about this matter because of the four Fujin also delayed the study of fidget cube cadetblue the rules it had felt after Roche children everywhere to.

Fidget Cube Mintcream for Cousin, Cousin said nothing, but said there is something to do yard, I certainly do not let her cousin. Look for cousin can not say. After drinking the tea cup, he said, What are we going to do with both our cousins and the landlords Lan Hui embarrassed, said I play two people do not know, or to find a slave to accompany us to play with it Bafu Jin Pie Piezui said I do not know what identity is also used to play with us, got, since the two people can not play that we play another bar sister in law to think of a fresh. Lan Hui listened to these words began to charge their minds up, and finally it is impossible to say or we skipping it Bafu Jin a really curious, asked how to play sister in law you say. Lan Hui told people to go to the rope to go, and then called the Eight Fook Jin s personal maidservants to get two pairs of shoes to give eight Jin, and then took her to the yard. Let the two eunuchs shake the rope began to jump up. She said, and eight good Jinfu two one after another, who step on open eyes closed eyes. Some slaves seem to understand the meaning of the master will be on the bully bullied bully Song. The Song s nest in their own room only, every day to chant. As if no matter what the outside of the matter. One day in July, Lan Hui is the house to his little nephew sewing clothes, heard outside the fourteen Elder brother came the voice sister in law, brother in law came. Lan Hui calmly put the clothes on the needle box, the paper hand holding the child waiting at the door. And soon to see the fourteen down Dengzhe leg ran over, Lan Hui see fourteen Wuwu sweating head, a pull him over with the hands of the child wiping the sweat on his forehead, said What is urgent It s been so hot and hot again. fidget cube steelblue 14 Elder brother grinned and said Nothing, his brother is a good body right, sister in law, starlings and ten brother also came. Lan Hui listened to the words looked up and saw fidget cube mintcream Ba Age three are standing in front of the hospital to go inside it. Chapter Fifty fourth chapter nine elder bro.