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Fidget Cube On Twitter isten to Jiuge, and more to fidget cube on twitter his brother on the point of meat into the meat of this brother with meat on the incense. 9 Elder brother has always been to look at his first horse to see the old ten went so far as to help the four Sao, and my heart burst of gas bitter, in fact, he did not know why, is a look Hui Lan look at his eyes angry, remember Lan Hui first Time to see him that seems to look at a sensible Xiaopi child the same eyes, so he suddenly remembered, and just now, against the starling and ten younger brother is a normal way to look at He looked like a child, so that he was uncomfortable, could not help but prick her. Lan Hui did not know these, she just feel good guess, 9 Elder brother entered the door on a high head, a God boss, the way my second child. Confused Lan Hui dumbfounding, I thought really a proud child I do not know is to be how to pet the Princess. Then again so a bunch of do not eat , so that cooking in general Lan Hui really do not know how to run. Jiu Jiu Jiu Jiu simply feel m.en operating for several years and now God has already started to do poor, so a few years will be good when the Jazz House division, this time busy busy Emperor Ama account of the errand, the palace of human exchanges and backyard things to be given to the Fujin, if the point is not clever to the Lord of God to be assured how these things to you. After talking about a few words Si Age is a look Serious expression. Lan Hui listened to Si Age after these words, and finally put down the heart of the tangled, his face solemnly said Ye even though rest assured that undefined status will not be like this after. Four Elder brother looked Lan Hui, my heart really want to Lanhu Hu Hu s good, even to the point of insidious means will be hard to find, lay people Si Age that this is not a matter, those servant s fate count what , Not to mention their own rival or three rival brother of the princes, Si Age is not called Pinger s death it. Si Age thought Lan Hui just crying look, not help wondering looking for people.

other see Lan Hui in this case can accompany his daughter, the hearts of a warm up. But he really do not want to see the little princess, so most of the time there Lee rest. Lee naturally flatter Si Age, resorted to all the stops should also take the Si Age wait for the ease of mind. Song did not buy fidget cube online know these things, she is still trying to fidget cube silent nursed back to health, with a view to an early look at his daughter. Finally, after a little princess in two months because of a cold to go. At that time serve her maid of the maternal grandmother were Si Age huff under the rod. Si Age this time my heart is not happy, little princess living in these two months fidget cube on twitter is also a kind of suffering for him, had to see Lan Lan attentive care of the fidget cube on twitter way, small princess also dragged the Sun Taiyi said the January period, thought She can grow up a little bit, but the result is because I do not serve the well servants did not harm the little princess got the wind so cold to go, so how can he not fire in those slaves who. Song knew his.other end, and three princes are always in the fidget cube deeppink absence of time Si Age ridiculed. Make Si Age temper quickly deteriorated. Later Si Age also dedicated to serve Tong Jia Shi, and genuine fidget cube can only look at Kangxi on the third brother more pet, but he got a hi indecisive comments. However, although the content of his son, although the victory of a Wuya, Kangxi can not stand like this person ah Wuya Wuya eighteen years has been called de example, nineteen years gave birth to six princes, Kangxi also specially named Jo , that is a special meaning of the name. This is not twenty years on the same benefits, such as example and should be sealed together with the Princess. The next seven years, Diaofei and gave birth to the imperial seven women, nine women, emperor twelve women and fidget cube pink and white emperor fourteen children. Completely pressure is no longer favored Rongfei a, although Yi Fei also gave birth to the imperial five sub imperial nine sub and imperial eleven children. But people Yifei is a decent draft of the Manchu ladies come.the mother said Liu some easy to conceive the food, this is suspected of this too so that the benefits of Hui Lan to her privilege. Her identity in that, there is little opportunity fidget cube lightpink to contact the family, those who are easy fidget cube on twitter to conceive the food itself does not come out, say the courtyard of the servant was Lan Hui management rules, not casually pick her money to help purchase, no way to force This said that he s a lot of taboos, and asked her to do the dining room alone to those easy pregnancy meal. Of course, Wu is also afraid of Lan Hui and Lee found clues, plagiarism her secret recipe, so each meal is only fidget cube chartreuse a few Road, then she wants the food, the rest are ordinary meals. Lee and Lan Hui have doubted, but Lee s no one at hand, but their secret observation Bale. The Lan Hui guess to Wu s these dishes may be problematic, but she saw Wu s special order to change the meal thin hungry their own, if it does not matter, then let s Wu s Si Dage that falsely rake. So in the fourth brother after the request b.

Fidget Cube On Twitter voice of pregnant women overjoyed Health, and gave birth, is a small princess. Lan Hui relieved, can be regarded as born, and later those concubines gave birth to a child she is not what the outside, and so too tortured people. Lee also calm down, and my heart smiled Road toss for so long is not born a daughter, is a no luck. And I would like to fight Si Age heard these words very disappointed, he liked his son, his son can not pass the family line. He felt that they are especially outside the door so long, the results of Song or gave birth to a daughter, really Intuit I do not know anyhow. At this time the old mother also holding the child out from the delivery room, and saw her smile came up to the Si Age reported Congratulations Si Ye, Song master safe birth of small Princess. Si Age though not wait to see her daughter, but in any case are their first child, so or closer look closer look, this look is not help from the heart more uncomfortable, this small grid is very thin, the skin is also wrinkled.y, or which children, that are to be gifts. Although Si Age as the prince did not divide the government do not have to send too precious, but it can not fall face is not, after all, poor people do it And those bald Elder brother is not the same. The total can not be called others feel Si Age neglect it And these birthday gifts sent out a lot of copies, not much to recover, and only Si Age birthday to recover some, that is only brothers, like Emperor Kangxi there are royal clan that are not given to Si Age gifts. So this is the bulk of each year to spend. Fortunately, every year to send Kangxi after the birthday of fidget cube on twitter Emperor Kangxi will find a variety of reasons and then reward some of the next, which can be considered a disguised way back. Lan Hui thought Kangxi or know their son s net worth status. Lest my son sent a gift to eat after dinner, quickly rewarded back. Okay Completely superfluous. Plus this year Si Age in the Ministry of poor, always use some money, and each time to accompany Emperor Kangxi.