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Fidget Cube Peru r dinner listening to the side of the ginger Mother Mother said Si Age with Ba Age several people have to study, and Lan Hui estimated that they will come out at half past one on the first people to fetch water bath about. Now, after all, summer Lan Hui busy day out of a sweat, always wash every night will be comfortable a lot. She estimated that Si Age they may want to talk about for a long time, Toni Si should not come to her this. Lan Hui wearing a suit after wearing a crooked bedside reading the book, the side of the paper children are rubbing her hair. She saw the great works of Cao is the Red Mansion. Lan Hui is also inadvertently found himself to buy the fidget cube desk toy kickstarter book there are many words of the novel, not only the Dream of Red Mansions, as well fidget cube peru as Jin Yong s martial arts series and some popular netizen, Lan Hui pick the decision or look at the Red House Well, Word directly take this book as a blueprint copy up. This book is a simplified version of the original version of Lan Hui afraid to look at the hou.see the time waiting for you to come back Mahone, and you Brothers also have a good few talk about what their brothers told her sister in law, sister in law good go on arrangements. Ba Age smiled and replied Trouble sister in law, and not specially prepared, but also no taboos. Lan Hui and look to the nine princes, saw nine elder brother upturned head, slowly said fish do not eat, too fishy meat do not eat, too tired food do not eat, too vegetarian Dry, the soup fidget cube sale does not eat, too thin ah In addition to these informal on anything, the younger brother does not pick the mouth. Having looked at the provocation looked Lan Hui, they did not notice ten Elder brother heard these words stare Of the eyeball and Ba Age holding a cup slightly shaking hands. Lan Hui did not say anything, the reaction of the 10 Elder brother first cried I said Jiuge, you usually picky, but also did not like this ah You consequently do not eat, do starve to death Brother, I ah Having turned to see Lan Hui said The wife, you can not l.

n, a promising for Tong Jia Shi family for welfare son, a Kangxi liked The right son. And Si Age, after all, only her adopted son, no matter how promising Si Age later in the Yudie is also the people De Fei Wu Yazi s son, Tong Jia Shi feel a lifetime nothing to get, so she does not care about Si Age care Filial piety, and only care day only. Si Age away Tong Jia Shi, the day to go to the Princess Concubus, he did not know how to face their own mother, in addition to ask some food and daily life seems to be nothing to say. And every time to see the fourth brother in front of De Fei spoiled, he is very envious, but let Si Age spoiled, he really can not do it. So the feelings of the two mothers and mothers have been so subtle. Si Giaowu heart when the Lan fidget cube burlywood Hui married in, and since the Lan Hui began to teach fidget cube palegreen after fourteen, fourteen and four Elder brother is also a lot of relief between the four Elder brother see every time when there is talk, But also from time to time under the care of Si Age. It can be s.daughter went to the more directly collapsed in bed, after the rescue dragged her sick body, regardless of the slaves who went to the Lan Hui courtyard. A door ran on the bed of the little princess staggered ran, and then picked up his daughter has not seen the whining cry. Si Age in the next to see the Song like this, the heart of the dissatisfaction of the Song also light a lot, after all, mother nature, to see Song s daughter crying, or some can not bear. He was about to persuade the fidget cube peru last sentence, see fidget cube peru the gentle Song turned down after the child flutter in the Hui Hui who, Qiazhao Lan Hui s neck bitterly cried You are, you did not take good care of my daughter , Or how my daughter will die, how Song of the house directly to the people scared Mongolia, Lan Hui also scared silly at this time. It is fidget cube peru Lan Hui side of the Zhang Mama heart are in Lan Hui the master who saw the dare to pinch her master s neck Song, quickly break up the hand of Song, the foot is also kicked and kicked against the Song, but So.no way to me Since marrying after the mother in law is always called me to speak Ningshou Gong, but also often meet those who please The ladies who like to listen to good words, I was forced to practice out of it, but I can not flatter sister in law Oh, your skin has always been my envy, my skin is not so good, after washing There are some secret spots. Lan Hui listened to the strange said Before I sent you to the skin care and rouge that you use it Xiuyun busy excitement, said With, very good use, and now a lot of light spots, but that bottle is running out, the wife give two bottles of it Lan Hui nodded promised, Xiuyun said The wife of the skin than the Li Yantang sell a lot better, is designed for their own fidget cube by kickstarter home How do not call a man to open a shop outside it, I believe the business must be very good. Lan Hui think, said This and I am Niangma Ama under the decision to discuss the first not to say, Ning Shougong to. Xiuyun also closed his mouth at this time, down Lan Hui s arm dignified into the hal.

Fidget Cube Peru to the orchids and a variety of seeds are sent over. Lan Hui carefully orchid species in the space, only in the house put a pot, as seeds were installed, and so have time to plant again. Lan Si Hui went to the house at night, Lan Hui took the initiative to say in the imperial garden was hit 10 Elder brother matter, Si Age heard nodded and said The empress of the emperor some unhappy, 10 fidget cube navajowhite brother in the study Lan Hui nodded, and my heart also came to understand, the original is 10 Ah. I do not know how to do it Brother s mother s illness, and he ran up in the palace, it seems ten princes is a filial. Do not say this, let s place it Si an interrupted Lan Hui said meditation. Lan Hui heard to Si Age in addition to coat, two people lying in bed rest. Si Age closed his eyes and did not fall asleep, he looked at the 10 Elder brother and his mother Niu Nirou between the mother and son deep feeling, could not help thinking of his own mother Defei. Remember that since he began to remember that his mother is alwa.Tong Jia Shi would like to have the production of Si Age has heard such a cry, the sound of a Si Age can not help recalling childhood memories of fidget cube peru things, of course, there are the premature death of the sister. Chapter Fifty Diseases Two first class is an hour, Song s call sound more and more weak, from the delivery room side of the bloody water is also more and more. Si Age to attend to anything else, the surface began to dignified up. Suddenly Song s call stopped, and the voice of the mother in law was passed out Song master, you wake up.You wake up. Do not dizzy What do you girl stunned Quick pinch, fast Lan Hui heard the voice of midwife quickly stood up and told the side of the small Lian Zi said Come to the imperial doctor invited. Xiao Lianzi should rush to rush to the imperial doctor, and Si Age is also a little nervous , Although he did not stand up from the chair, the surface also do not see any expression, but from his clutching the chair hand can see his heart is not calm. Soon imperial fidget cube darkturquoise doct.