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Fidget Cube Pictures es, mother or a lot of emotional, Brother in the pressure after the first house suddenly less than half. At least Princess Rong Fei from time to time to find trouble when the fourth princess will also be shot. Which makes the fourth brother to focus more on the churches, the natural situation on the eighth brother of them very unfavorable. Ba Age to just these moments only, then just run away fourteen, eight Elder brother see Lan Huixiao not speak not help opening said 14 brother with sister in law relationship really called brother envy. Lan Hui did not think too much, see Ba Age so natural smiles just more than usual contact with the farther, say fourteen younger brother is the father of our brother, I usually do fidget cube midnightblue this sister in law to take care of more. 9 Elder brother spoke at this time five sisters how did not take care of me more, I and brother or brother of the Troop Sisao five sisters you can not keep up with your virtuous ah 9 Elder brother said that even a ten Brother this rough heart to hea.the palace, while decorated with magpie Deng Mei style tassels. The ear is worn with blue gold ruby pendant. Left wrist with a shrimp on the bracelet, the right wrist is a string of emerald hand string. The middle finger on a set with a ruby ring. Ginger mother carefully check the Lan Hui body ornaments, and gave her pick an embroidered hibiscus purse and a double sided embroidery fan. Lan Hui painted a little makeup, with ginger mother and paper children Yan went to Ningshou Gong, and Zhang Momo and pen ink children are left in the Elder brother. Lan Hui told Zhang Momo specifically to look at the Song there, do not rush out of their own what situation, especially where Lee also pay attention to. Zhang Momo Although the heart is anxious Song something, but also do not want to hurt the reputation of Lan Hui, had to take this task sickly. Lan Hui just out of the Elder brother saw five blessing Jinxiu cloud in the front not far away. Lan Hui called paper children in the past pass, called Xiuyun, and so o.

nuchs around to prepare a gift to the high without, after said This is the third brother specially prepared for the fourth brother, four Brother can not refuse ah At this time come to pass the report Si Ye, big brother fidget cube gostwhite just palace, one should be on to. Three elder brother one said That we will be in this and so will it The brothers are no comments, anyway, now if the range of words will come out again to meet, are the same. Taking advantage of this period of time and others, three elder brother glanced at the door at the entrance of those eye view nose and nose view of the servants, facing the Si Age smiled and said Four younger brother courtyard so respectful appearance, it seems younger siblings It s a housekeeper. Having said this, I saw the four brother face a little after the relaxation, said Third Brother Mei like, and she can not afford. Three Elder brother quickly shook his head and said What is the fall like it, my brother really praise this brother and fidget cube pictures sister, and see how good this line of you.e plug a lot of money. The Song on the tragic, itself is a girl through the room origin, is to wait on Si Age directly after being carried into the home, although the coating, but it is not prominent people, where to get money to accompany her to get it. So Song where things are Si Age of appreciation and their monthly cases only. Those clothes to the Si Age clothes are usually Lan Hui from the Treasury out to reward her. So she can official fidget cube only do clothes and socks and the like when the gift. And Lee s door, whatever the outcome, there are a few to carry the fidget cube hong kong dowry, so the gift is more expensive than the Song, in addition to a good material to do the men, there is an antique furnishings. Lan Hui reference to the two men s preparation, think about it after doing a dress, of course, the material is better than Lee s use, after Lan Hui thought and added a white jade statue. I remember which book said Si Age is a letter to the Buddha, Lan Hui feel that they can be considered a good match. One day soon passed, Lan his hands tightly did not dare to answer. 14 Elder brother to see the little maid of the tip of the eye revealed a touch of gold in the hands, quickly shouted What do you hold in hand Small maid to listen to these words to cry, but still dead clutching hand, 14 Elder brother impatient with a direct kick in the past, shouting around the little ladies hand broke apart. How can these small eunuchs Jin Jin, was a few broke apart his hand and saw a gold hairpin fell to the ground, the style even with the head wearing almost three Fujin. This look everyone s eyes can be brought together to the three Fujin fidget cube dimgray head. Three Fu Jin seeing a change of face, stare at the side of a Pinger, his mouth shouted It is a useless servant, even the blessing of the jewelry fidget cube walmart are bad, even called the stinky girl stole to , Give me a hard palm of her mouth. The little maid looked at the servants who rushed to the ground and hurriedly kowtowed Fujin, this hairpin is not a servant, is the slaves found in fidget cube pictures the foot of Xiaolian Fu Jin.

Fidget Cube Pictures to the fourteen words tell you to know you do not pack up your maternal sister in law this can be nothing new to you to play, do not look at you all day to run, sister in law are taught to teach You, and what else, or you learn to embroidery along with sister in law fidget cube pictures Fourteen listen to facial features immediately flew into a ball, ten Elder brother heard the words of Lan Hui also laughed. Lan Hui see fourteen frowned look and said with a smile Look at you all day thinking about playing, usually more than four brother with you learn, the mind on their homework, you know Fourteen low voice should be a cry went to the other side. At this time nine princes and spoke, he lugged a pair of peach eyes faint said The original four Sao is to buy the fourteen brother with the toy ah ah I said fourteen brother how to always run to sister in law to brother brother in law This is wrong, how can fidget cube lightgreen this teach bad fourteen younger brother, to know that we do Elder brother to learn a lot of things, how can the time used in.s as back to his home, not help the heart smile endless. He always knew that he did not rely on his mother, so most of the thoughts are to draw on the brothers and ministers who. Like the old nine and old ten to his words. Although now only under the fidget cube pictures command of the Elder brother to do things, but the eighth princes know that with the princes of the sex Huang Ama is not intended to do his Chu Jun, so he has been secretly cultivating forces. And 14 Elder brother from the small De Fei and Kangxi s favor, usually to his starlings also love admiration is, according to so go 14 is likely to become their party, it can also draw the power to live there De Feifei, At least can not be called Defei to help Si Age, after all, is the famous princes Si Age, all able to increase Prince Edward forces where to be resolutely suppressed. However, since fidget cube pictures the 14 benefits to the Lan Hui Enlightenment, the fourteen and four princes feelings by leaps and bounds , and even the Princess Dee is no longer ignorant of the four princ.