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Fidget Cube Pink ter the words or not dare to stand up, but the head is not knock. Lan Hui seeing then said You usually see which maidservants most like to say gossip, which maidservants like to run out, which maidservants popularity best, most people can really like, as well as Lee and Song s side maidservants and Who is fidget cube desk toy amazon better Well, I do not mind maidservants, eunuchs and mothers. Paper children thought more flexible, a Hui Hui words to know what she wanted to know, so began to carefully thought up. She added back to Fu Jin, Li s yard is a gossip, usually after the completion of living and other slaves chatter on a few back to the house. Siye yard aunt s most sympathetic, and I heard that Siye side of the competent people, the courtyard of the ladies eunuchs are she taught out, we all like her Ligge big palace Cuihuan very arrogant people , The servant to see no one and she is better, but Lee s fidget cube pink courtyard maidservants all come to curry favor with her.Songgege around the cloud is a boring person, before the Song Princes.g of Lan Hui told a good take care of, and then went to study the office. While Lan Hui is holding a small grid of milk to the mother went to the house. Day to live so dull, a month after the little princess or the emaciated look, but she and Lan Hui particularly pro, since the eyes are always looking after the Lan Hui figure. Lan Hui has no one in the little princess to say some modern topic, see the little princess do not understand the way Lan Hui finally sure she is not through to the. In fact, Lan Hui sometimes particularly lonely, feel a lot of ideas in the Qing Dynasty no one to talk to, and occasionally think about if someone to wear to accompany her companion enough. But this idea is only think about it, she does not want to have other people through the emergence of, she always felt if there is another through the emergence of fidget cube yellow and black her may not be a good thing. These days every fidget cube uae day Hui Hui will call the Sun Taiyi to the small grid diagnosis of secondary veins, but the situation is not a small prince.

d nodded smiles Well, this house will know you are a sensible person. Lan Hui retreat after some heart feel good, Si Age recently very accommodating to her, so she was touched, this time Si Age rest in her almost every day she told her to forget the existence of Lee. Now also recognize the reality, and four princes, after all, is the prince, after the door to the woman also more than it If she really fell in love with Si Age, it must be her heartbroken. Lan Hui straightened his heart after the decision to come back if the fourth brother of Si Age, then put him thrust into fidget cube shopping the Lee that went. Chapter forty seventh net worth Lan Hui returned to the Elder brother after listening to Jiang mother came forward with a variety of arrangements, it is about the New Year, and this time is the busiest time of the year, not only to arrange the yard of the various festivals Layout, but also to elaborate sent to the imperial clan relatives of the gift list. Si Age then officially has done poor, there are some subordina.broken, and will not be any problem. Aunt Aunt respectfully said. Elder brother nodded and said, then frown fidget cube pink think about and asked You go to check that Pinger, the Lord always felt that she would not have to do it, So happened to be crazy in this case, to see if there are any other people hands. Aunt aunt should be a sound off. The original small ladies that noisy row is Si Age arrangements, he learned from the Three Elder brother of the hospital nails Wang is in his own house fell to lead to miscarriage, the then swept the ladies fidget cube pink is another person, Not the hanging of the small lotus, but the hands and feet on the ground is Xiaolian. The maid because of the unfavorable situation has been three Fu Jin Jiaoren killed, and Xiao Lin is not due to the value of escape in the past. And this shouting dead the palace Xiaoer Xiao ear is the same house, she found that since the small Wang Xiaolian always distraught, so she has been secretly attention to all the small lotus, in fact, that was Killing the maid is Xi.s really want Song Can safely production. The Queen Mother listened to the sound after a long silence angrily You rely on to take care of your mother s experience can be questioned the doctor s diagnosis of the imperial palace of the goddess that the production is not according to the doctor said that nursed fidget cube unboxing back to health you see which child accident If it had not been Song s strong request to the imperial doctor to prescribe medicine, you are not called Song s medicine Just sent home to see Song Song, she was thin like that you said she was only a minor illness Say you did not abuse her After the Queen Mother did not give the opportunity to explain Lan Hui, directly said You also heard that you are now giving the old fourteen Enlightenment the old fourteen to see the old four back to see how he said. Do not do, De Fei, called the emperor to find a good learning to teach, how can the emperor s heirs to the house within a woman to teach Fourth daughter in law you go back and think about it, the palace i.

Fidget Cube Pink spoiled by her slaves and her Koroma, and usually there is nothing to say, you do not mind. The Queen Mother listened to do not care, said No matter, Yu Zhen also did not come to the palace to fidget cube gray play this Ningshougong, she was so eager to know the family is also Ai like her temper. Finished facing the Lan Hui And Xiuyun said This is the prince s granddaughter, and the amount of stature is still the daughter of Guo Luo Luo Yuzhen, your little sister usually get along more than get along. Lan fidget cube pink Hui to listen to the Queen Mother Yuzhen introduction, but also know that this is the famous eight fu Jin, but she did not have time to consider these, because she must wait on the Druid. The show is directly called the Queen Mother to the side, to accompany her and those old princes Fujin chat, in addition to today, there are Prince An Jin Fu Jin Fu Jin and Prince Yu Fu Jin and others. Only to bring the girl to only the Prince of Fujin only. Lan Hui came fidget cube pink to De Fei behind her to the ceremony, De Fei faint nodded after.both trouble and effort. Like a little princess is, Lan Hui, although some pity but can only try to take care of, so a little princess trouble people still blame her. The Si Age also toward her, who knows the next time it can fidget cube demo not be so wise then Si Age And the song that is also Lan Hui victory, see Song can not come up with a bunch of things to Lan Lan Hui headache. Words Lan Hui is still very vengeful, and always remember Song s sudden surge in pregnancy when the imperial doctor incident. This time finally out of the gas, completely kicked the Song out. Big deal to Lee s fisherman profit chant. Anyway, Lee is also favored in history, not a child also gave birth to a What Lan Hui can be considered to help her overthrow Song for her and Si Age to create the conditions. Ps the first week of this book shelves, especially three more every day pro vote recommended pro vote Pink votes even drop it even in the text for the first time in the Oh votes to Oh face what a big chapter of this Beyond the 3000 words.