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Fidget Cube Promo hold. Or that they really played a change But remember that the original brother is no small princess so attached to their own ah Although usually prefer to pestering himself, but as long as the feel Roche in the side, that five cell is definitely go to Niangqiang mother. Lan Hui wondering is not to look at the Song, chances are a small grid is also close to the Song to find hold it Soon outside it was informed that the wet nurse and the mother who came. Lan Hui heard the busy busy to stop his cranky, first small grid arrangement is down. Lan Hui then loudly said come in. fidget cube with 10 color schemes fidget cube promo Lan Hui Hui said a fall fidget cube promo from the outside into the three women. One twenty year old woman s long term net of pure white, kind hearted to walk in the forefront, followed by two more than 30 year old mother, like some majestic stereotypes, it is Lanqie earlier for the little princess pick milk And Mother. Lan Hui to see the three entered the room a touch, said You are the person selected to serve the small princess, to remember their own.nd three elder brother of the courtyard of the slave to chat, said after three Fu Jin fidget cube yellow and black was closed up, Li Taishi that should also be three Fu Jin and Rongfei Goddess arranged. Si Age frowned and asked This is not involved in Lee s Participation No, Lee since the masters left behind closed doors in the house, that is to pray for the Song s children is also out today, and slaves found Linger just inadvertently said that these are three Fu Jin arranged for people to come out. Si Age thought directly told You look at the rest of the minions to see if there is no other Elder brother, there are three nosy courtyard to tell the nail, think of ways to harm before the three Fu Jin Tong Evidence of the miscarriage found, if not found on their own to do a. Yes. Xin aunt should be a cry on the back down. Leaving only four elder brother in the house, he turned in the hands of Buddha beads, mouth murmured My good third brother, this thing we have not finished. Do not ask you to be ridiculed, how can the heart of my bro.

the paper children, paper children from the next prepared. After dinner for a while, Lee and Wu s wait on Lan Hui and Si Age after dinner, Si Age said a Lord to go , and then went to the Yamen poor. Si Age had fidget cube promo just gone listen to Lee said Wu sister came to the first may not understand the rules, said Wu looked at the head of the Hetian hairpin, and then said The sister of the head hairpin can not see the red , The red can be used only Fujin. Wu s head hairpin is auspicious wishful sculpture, but also dotted with a variety of colors above the gem, which has a red rice gem, either Lee said , And Lan Hui are not found. The Wu listened to Lee s words, then directly on the Lan Hui knelt down the crime Fu Jin Shuzui, this set is the face of Germany and empresses specifically to the slaves, slaves see Germany Goddess reward not dare not, so brought out It is not fidget cube saddlebrown intended to offend Fujin. Lan Hui carefully looked at that support a hairpin, smiled and said Come on, this set of head and face is the amount of your.classical majesty, a fidget cube lightgodenrod look that we train, very Queen Fan. Tai Fu Jin led Lan Hui et al to the fidget cube review Crown Princess salute, Princess Taifu gentle propped up a big blessing Jin, a pedestrian walked to the hospital. Suddenly heard a cry next door Sani yard came screaming. Then see a maid pedal kicking even rolling out of the gate to run out of the door, shouting dead it The dead Just screaming when the third brother on the look of gloomy look, it will see the run over the maid, it is directly shouted There is no rules Shouting of the collision of the masters, Give me her down. And then Si Age opening Third Brother Do not worry, first ask is not what happened Forty fourth chapter lost heart crazy 14 Elder brother also quickly said This is the maid look like this is not out of a major event Quickly told her to say, my brother, but curious tight. This 14 Elder brother has long dissatisfaction with three elder brother Two whole Lan Hui, Lan Hui, but the most close sister in law. Saying why Rong Fei Princess always f.wn. Unfortunately, she had not had time to happy, Tian had just walked around her to hear the little princess crying up. Lan Hui looked at Tian because the little princess crying standing cajole in situ, could not help but also frowning, said Well, you go first with a fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow small princess, grace, first in the outer room to breastfeed. Tian heard the trot after the walk out, fidget cube benefits little princess was still in her arms directed at Lan Hui s direction stretched out a small arm crying, as if to say that fidget cube promo they do not like to go. Lan Hui met with inexplicable worry about the heart, and sure enough Tian just go out soon came back to say that little princess does not suck, just cry. Lan Hui rubbed some pain in the temple, after a while before he said Then you hold her in this house feeding it Tian should be a cry holding a small princess and walked over until the three step near the Lan Hui when the little princess stopped crying, Tian side of the body to block Lan Hui s line of sight to the little princess fed milk, In fac.

Fidget Cube Promo s as back to his home, not help the heart smile endless. He always knew that he did not rely on his mother, so most of the thoughts are to draw on the brothers and ministers who. Like the old nine and old ten to his words. Although now only under the command of the Elder brother to do things, but the eighth princes know that with the princes of the sex Huang Ama is not intended to do his Chu Jun, so he has been secretly cultivating forces. And 14 Elder brother from the small De Fei and Kangxi s favor, usually to his starlings also love admiration is, according to so go 14 is likely to become their party, it can also draw the power to live there De Feifei, At least can not be called Defei to help Si Age, after all, is the famous princes Si Age, all able to increase Prince Edward forces where to be resolutely suppressed. However, since the 14 benefits to the Lan Hui Enlightenment, the fourteen and four princes feelings by leaps and bounds , and even the Princess Dee is no longer ignorant of the four princ.e did not think Lan Hui s request is this. He thought he had only two months to see the occasional little princess side is now so sad, that Lan Hui every day accompanied by a little princess heart will be more sad. In fact, he would like to left, Lan Hui, after all, is not a small princess s own mother, sad is there, but really did not come to the point of Song, the top day than four elder brother Bale. It is because the fidget cube promo small princess this month has been by Lan Hui to take care of the sake of her to Lan Hui feel like in the hospital to take care of the patient, like a carefully taken care of the patient suddenly died two months, the kind of helpless sad Feeling of regret. Lan Hui, after all, can not be a small princess as her own children, not to mention the song or the Hui Lan Hui do not like the woman born child. To her as a patient in the hospital has been Lan Hui done enough to be psychologically prepared to think of the way, or else she really can not care to care for small princess. Four Elder br.