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Fidget Cube Purple ou, Song is not enough, according to the rules can not raise children. Lan Hui, although already aware of the rules, but still want to fight, she did not want to raise other people s children, or a child died young, so Lan Hui said God, this child is Song sister born untold hardships , To the concubine of the body may be sad sister sad sister, you see is not particularly enlightened or let the child by the mother is fidget cube purple better Si Age frowning, said Song body is not good how can the spirit of raising a good child, God said to you on to you, you do not decline. Lee also spoke at this time, and she smiles tenderly said Fu Jin mind fidget cube purple is the most delicate, will take care of the little princess is very good. Lan Hui oblique Lee, she was afraid of Si Age, but Lee may not fear, listen to the words of Lee directly top back Lee sister so praise the Fujin, the blessing do not know what to say, but if Lee fidget cube purple Sister feel that the Fujin careful, so that Lee has a child with this sister will take good care of the Fujin. Lee s.n. These vegetables are vegetables and aquatic products from the space Hui fidget cube darksalmon Lan out. I believe it can add some flavor to the dishes. As for what the rest of the cold plate to the chef, and Lan Hui is only responsible for these new dishes only. Busy for a long time and finally these are ready to complete, in fact, Lan did not move any of their own hands, has been in the next command to her side of the brain looking at the space in the recipes, while commanding the chef cut the number of ingredients, Spices, and confused we are running around in circles, because what the book put a teaspoon of salt ah what, Lan Hui did not know how much a teaspoon, so I can only get a few, but fortunately, Cooking recipes, so it did not make any mistakes, not even the first time to take a big spoon to dig a large spoon of salt into it, the taste of the ginger mother to drink a pot of water. Side of the rush to finish the food, there is also called to urge the four princes, Lan Hui with a line of side dishes fidget cube near me of the servants.

ncubine, and now they live in the palace, he started as a poor Elder brother, not their own foundation, no useful contacts, fidget cube vinyl toy but not enough money, but the palace of a floating Ping only. In the palace may fidget cube demonstration be a son of the palace concubine framed, adult brothers are competing for the various tricks, these are only their own blessing and his co support through. Thought of these Si Age heart warm, maybe he is not alone, not the mother s true love, but there is also a blessing in the side to accompany a companion. Lan Hui side to help Si Age for a comfortable clothes, and then gave him a net surface, looked up and down what was satisfactory nodded, thinking ah Yes, four elder brother Chou Chou still quite handsome. Si Age suddenly thought of that table of fresh dishes, not help some jealousy, said Fujin the original so good at cooking How do not usually get to the table to try to get the Lord, but rather one of the eight younger brothers to show their talents. Lan Hui listened to the Si Age, then replaced by.Jin offend you, how can you revenge to an innocent girl who. You are timid, afraid to involve themselves so simply out of gas in the slave body. You changed, no longer a good little nurse, and you have become a devil does not take life seriously. Lan Hui was tortured by these two voice headache splitting, she threw away the hands of the brush, his hands clutching his head and cried No, no, I do not, I am not a devil.I do not, hum, want to go home. Just when Lan felt behind a wide chest wrapped himself. The Si Age magnetic voice is also sounded in the head Do not cry, the fidget cube purple Lord in this. Si Age of the hands are also non stop slap Hui Hui s back. In fact, he was also shocked, a door to see Lan Hui holding his head sobbing, approached also heard her muttered what the amount of mother, home. Four elder brother had no time to ask Lan Hui how, and quickly picked up Lan Hui, he did not know how to comfort a woman, but kept patting him, his mouth repeatedly said do not cry. After a long time after Lan Hui also c.s as back to his home, not help the heart smile endless. He always fidget cube white and blue knew that he did not rely on his mother, so most of the thoughts are to draw on the brothers and ministers who. Like the old nine and old ten to his words. Although now only under the command of the Elder brother to do things, but the eighth princes know that with the princes of the sex Huang Ama is not intended to do his Chu Jun, so he has been secretly cultivating forces. And 14 Elder brother from the small De Fei and Kangxi s favor, usually to his starlings also love admiration is, according to so go 14 is likely to become their party, it can also draw the power to live there De Feifei, At least can not be called Defei to help Si Age, after all, is the famous princes Si Age, all able to increase Prince Edward forces where to be resolutely suppressed. However, since the 14 benefits to the Lan Hui Enlightenment, the fourteen and four princes feelings by leaps and bounds , and even the Princess Dee is no longer ignorant of the four princ.

Fidget Cube Purple hen to start Si Age more and more silent, but the whole body of the air conditioning also will open up. Fortunately, usually at home, facing Lan Hui occasional long winded a few words, whatever the outcome can find the hi indecisive shadow. But on the outside that is completely developed to the cold king. Lan Hui on Si Age this change is not surprising, she remembered hear people say men have a career will change. She felt Si Age is the case, since the poor after the growing dignity of the body, usually the expression is also in place to control, most people really can not guess what fidget cube purple he thought. Four Elder brother into the house after the first Lan Hui said Fujin down to prepare table feast, the Lord to please four younger brother meal. Lan Hui should be a back out, first to the kitchen to see, see already prepared with almost the end of the people up. Are ready after a few people over four elder brother, Lan Hui symbolic cloth a few dishes on their own back to the house. Lan Hui in their own room afte.er brother see nine Elder brother and Lan Hui said a few words and Qiang Qiang up, busy interrupted sister in law, then fidget cube lime get some food to his brother, brother, some hungry. Lan Hui see fourteen say so, but also had to stop and nine princes of the war of words , anyway, she just had the upper hand, did not look to nine princes that beautiful face are red Lan Hui heart straightforward, and even a lot of laughter is also brilliant, she said to the 14 Elder brother is not, it is also the time to dine, and sister in law, which ordered people to prepare dinner. The children around the paper made a wink, paper children should be a sound back down. The next five people will talk about the homemade, Lan Hui asked to ask 10 Elder brother s body condition, we also spoke up on this topic. 9 Elder brother face has been bad, Ba Age is just casually inserted a few words, it touches on 10 Elder brother and Lan Hui talk very warm. Lan Hui fidget cube oldlace and these Elder brother really have nothing to talk about, but Si Age is not, only.