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Fidget Cube Release Day re, said Those ships can not land, what is the use of those cannons we also have some, the last set off Geer Dan used, not the envy of them, but less concerned about these or Fujin Well, nothing just eight brothers and sisters play them on the line. Lan Hui did not refute the hearing, but in my heart has decided to take a good future training Honghui, saying that his son can not be called so short sighted. Four elder brother see Lan Hui did not answer not help turned around and found Lan Hui is not thinking about what, then asked Fu Jin do not like and eight younger brothers and sisters they play it Lord look like you do not want to like Lan fidget cube pink Hui listened to Si Age, then busy back how would it eight brothers and sisters very cheerful, very good get along, undefined status like her. Four Elder brother listened smiled and said You look at her whole body under the rules are not, do not know how the Lao Zhuang Prince is used to. Lan Hui actually doubts Si Age on their own attitude, even called himself and ei.d nodded smiles Well, this house will know you are a sensible person. Lan Hui retreat after some heart feel good, Si Age recently very accommodating to her, so she was touched, this time Si Age rest in her almost every day she told her to forget the existence of Lee. Now also recognize the reality, and four princes, after all, is the prince, after the door to the woman also more than it If she really fell in love with Si Age, it must be her heartbroken. Lan Hui straightened his heart after the decision to fidget cube release day come back if the fourth brother of Si Age, then put him thrust into fidget cube release day the Lee that went. Chapter forty seventh net worth Lan Hui returned to the Elder brother after listening to Jiang mother came forward with a variety of arrangements, it is about the New Year, and this time is the busiest time of the year, not only to arrange the yard of the various festivals Layout, but also to elaborate sent to the imperial clan relatives of the gift list. Si Age then officially has done poor, there are some fidget cube khaki subordina.

d Lan Hui rounded shoulders, said Do not get up, Fujin is not uncomfortable Lord look at your color is not very good. Lan Hui also reflected over their own physical condition at this time, her stomach is really hurt now. Lan Hui was wondering, since the space has not been sick since she had, when the physiological period is only some more backache, and other conditions really did not happen. This is how in the end Would have hurt so much. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui only frowned clutching his stomach, but also anxious up, he directly speaker said Come. Zhang Mama and others at the door to hear the back of the wash appliances directly into the house. Si Age see someone came in only told Lin brought the imperial doctor. The door of the high no no no should be a cry out to the imperial doctor. And Zhang Momo, who also found Lan Hui situation. Zhang Momo is the most anxious, she would like to ask, but Si Age is the most afraid of Zhang Mama, she can not overtax. Fortunately, Lan Hui spoke at this time Ye.ure points after the back out, while the female officer came to the bedside, next to its own people to open the account, in accordance with the direction of her imperial doctor acupuncture points down a bar, soon after the bar on the leisurely Song come. Song of the middle class woman woke up, quickly shouted Song master, you follow the slogan slaves hard, small masters will soon come out, you must stick to live. Song, after listening to the words of midwives after the strong play spirit, endured lower body pain to vigorously. She knew she could not give up, or else dream of the child will be aborted. At this time the old mother came up for the Song rubbed sweat, and always pay attention to the case of Song. Lan Hui and Si Age has also been waiting at the door, slowly dark, Lan Hui calculation time has also been three hours, she was just trying to persuade Si Age back to the house waiting, the total is also outside Not a thing, but not so open to hear the delivery room heard a faint cry, as well as the.injury. And then Lan Hui is holding a small mirror inside the house looking at the neck pinch marks. Zhang Momo is in the side of the grievances fidget cube lightcoral fidget cube release day of the complaining Fu Jin, this time you say something to give Song point color to see, she dared to face so many people in front of your assailants, slaves to see if she did not want to live. Si Ye is really, even just for her forbidden enough to slaves to see it should be directly rod death, have not seen which concubine can be so bullying the master.If the wife know do not know fidget cube lawngreen how to distressed you Zhang Ma Mother really bent fidget cube gold to Lan Hui, even the Si Age s account does not buy. Lan Hui listened to the words of Zhang Mama smiled and said You can not be too excited, and I this is not good Fingerprint on this few, if not on the drug also can not see two days. It really can not be so forget, fidget cube release day when Lee is also in the house, if I do not shot Lee does not think I m bullied As for the Song you can rest assured that out of this matter she also count in fidget cube news the Lord that.

Fidget Cube Release Day eally hurt the heart of your Troop five sisters. Nine Elder brother heard really can not find anything to refute the words, Lan Hui said is also the fact that nine princes of the Five Jinfu which are disdainful, feel she usually a small Jiazi Qi look, only know to please the Queen Mother , Let her help him get something is a dilemma, but also always went to his busy under busy, as if to him more like. 9 Elder brother of the most annoying that thrust are not thrust out of the people. But Wujin fidget cube release day Jin did not do a little wrong, 9 Elder brother is not good to say what she was so Lan Hui refuted the only had sickly closed his mouth. This will be a pedestrian has been to the main hall, see the fourteen are Tai Dalielite sitting in a chair eating smoothie. He saw the Lan Hui came up and walked them sloppy line of the ceremony, and then continue to eat buried up. This is because Ba Age in the sake of, to put their own benefit in this even he will not play. Four people sit down after the Lan Hui told Little to the direction of the Queen Mother pointing to the first lady sitting next to the first, the Zhuang Prince Fu Jin older than the Queen Mother a little bigger, a gold pattern Brown robe, the head combed with a large bun, the top of the phoenix wearing peony gold headdress, the forehead is also wearing embroidered with a shallow moire crape amount. She stood beside a girl, a little thick eyebrows is big black eyes, a large red clothes to bring out her vivid colors. Girls look slightly better than Lan Hui, but the skeleton is significantly larger than the Lan Hui, height and Lan Hui as well. At this time she is open eyes looked Lan Hui and Xiuyun, and then smiled and said to the Queen Mother Empress Dowager, the Cousin Yuzhen like. Cousin said the girl is five Fu Jin, because the girl Ama is Yifei empress of the pro brother, so she would also like to call Yi princes born five princes cousin. At this time, fidget cube lavender the prince of the village, Fu Jin spoke, and she smiled and said to the Queen Mother, Yu Zhen was.