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Fidget Cube Seagreen t, facing the Lan Hui open clothes is also a bit rude, but fortunately Lan Hui did not see the meaning of people s breasts, see the little princess really eat to turn on the line of sight. After a long while after the little princess finished the milk, in Tian s arms fidget cube midnight fell asleep, and Lan Hui see little princess really fell asleep, small chest with a V like in snoring. This allows Tian to go with a small princess, this time the little princess is only slightly moving the body, did not cry again. Which makes Lan Hui really relieved, it is a small princess if the step by step Hui Hui Lan Lan Hui, then it is necessary to really cry. Zhang Momo over a few fidget cube copper months has come out Bing Ming Fang Fang, Lan Hui naturally to look at the past, see everything is also appropriate to put down the heart, once again urged the servants to take care of the little princess was back fidget cube makers to his house to rest. This day, but to Lan Hui tired. The Song is glooming side of the bleak. Song side of the maidservants have now changed peopl.Mother said Mother to find someone to report to the Lord, said Song sister to be born, and asked the Lord to not come back. Ginger mother looked at from the delivery room end of a pot of bloody water and Song s miserable cry, also think that the Si Age called good, also called Si Age personally see Lan Hui prepared more appropriate, if Song Really what the problem and Lan Hui does not matter. So think of Mother Ginger should be a quick walk out of the arrangement of people. Lee listened to the words looked Lan Hui, moving the station s acid legs did not say anything. Lan Hui is naturally noted that Lee s fidget cube seagreen little trick, and she just patronize the nervous, and did not think from a still standing now, thought Lan Hui or give up do not know will not come back to the fourth brother of an anxious Illusion, or for their own legs to think of it She told Xiao Lianzi, who came back, and said, Go and get a chair, do not you see that Master Li has been standing Lee listened to the words naturally replied see Fu Jin.

life will not be too boring not But the eight blessing Jin did not have this condition, she married the first thing is to Ba fidget cube seagreen Age of the room are sent, I heard fidget cube seagreen that usually do not see the eighth brother of the room through the surface. Now eight Jinfu at home really is nothing to do, out of one or two people to find nagging nibbling also became the main entertainment. Bafu Jin see the two music is not angry, and then said I listen to Cousin said Sisao is the most harmonious of a person, this is not on the rush to know what Five Fu Jin listened to the busy side, said See you call on the Cousin, and later can not be so called, or called Wusao appropriate point. Anyway, how are called sister in law Bafu Jin unhappy, said called Biao Sao cordial, say call habits, anyway, I do not want to change, big deal fidget cube seagreen when others face, then called Wusao better. Lan Hui to see the Baifujin refreshing look also liked, and heard these words on the laughed You ah how happy private how to call, and no one knows. Eight blessing.mother with the next reward, but the best off or go down, do not be picked to reason. The courtyard of the Fujin is still very reasonable, these little things do not worth what. Line, the Fujin tired, you go back to the rest of it Finished no longer control Lee and Wu s, directly lift the curtain back to the back room. Chapter 60 Lee s Production Fu Jin then let go of Wu s Why not take this opportunity to dispose of the disposal. Zhang Mama with Lan Hui back immediately after the house said. Then the big grain of ruby in the ruby mixed with those colorful stones in the pile, but also really lost Lee can find it I do not want to take my hand to eliminate what Wu s arrogance, if I dispose of the Wu that Really the Lee s wish.To say this little thing really can what is fidget cube not be said, you see which concubine who did not a little bit of red This is not fidget cube bisque strict control, as long as it is not red clothes nobody pay attention to it I remember a piece of clothes Lee is not also embroidered a large peony What. She also sai.d nodded smiles Well, this house will know you are a sensible person. Lan Hui retreat after some heart feel good, Si Age recently very accommodating to her, so she was touched, this time Si Age rest in her almost every day she told her to forget the existence of Lee. Now also recognize the reality, and four princes, after all, is the prince, after the door to the woman also more than it If she really fell in love with Si Age, it must be her heartbroken. Lan Hui straightened his heart after the decision to come back if the fourth brother of Si Age, then put him thrust into the Lee that went. Chapter forty seventh net worth Lan Hui returned to the Elder brother after listening to Jiang mother came forward with a variety of arrangements, it is about the New Year, and this time is the busiest time of the year, not only to arrange the yard of the various festivals Layout, but also to elaborate sent to the imperial clan relatives of the gift list. fidget cube midnight Si Age then officially has done poor, there are some subordina.

Fidget Cube Seagreen er brother see nine Elder brother and Lan Hui said a few words and Qiang Qiang up, busy fidget cube gear interrupted sister in law, then get some food to his brother, brother, some hungry. Lan Hui see fourteen say so, but also had to stop and nine princes of the war of words , anyway, she just had the upper hand, did not look to nine princes that beautiful face are red Lan Hui heart straightforward, and even a lot of laughter is also brilliant, she said to the 14 Elder brother is not, it is also the time to dine, and sister in law, which ordered people to prepare dinner. The children around the paper made a wink, paper children should be a sound back down. The next five people will talk about the homemade, Lan Hui asked to ask 10 Elder brother s body condition, we also spoke up on this topic. 9 Elder brother face has been bad, Ba Age is just casually inserted a few words, it touches on 10 Elder brother and Lan Hui talk very warm. Lan Hui and these Elder brother really have nothing to talk about, but Si Age is not, only.also let her go back. Then Lan Hui got up to go to the German Princess please, since the ban after a long enough to make the solution according to the rules will benefit every day to the Princess please. Fortunately, the Queen Mother did not have to go there every day, every day to go to the Queen Mother after that please Kangxi s concubines are just. Like Lan Hui these Elder brother Fu Jin as long as once a week to become, or like Wu Fu Jin so favored to go every day is also possible. But also to see the Queen Mother was gone. These days Dehui on the attitude of Lan Hui d general, although slightly lighter than usual, it touches on no reward Lan Hui what. Lan Hui is still waiting for the finished meal after the Princess returned to the princess. Back to the house after Lan Hui first asked about the ginger Mother yard there is nothing, I heard all the normal after the expulsion of the next man, into the space. She transplanted yesterday into the space of the Qi species of orchid leaves picked a few out.

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