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Fidget Cube Silver xt morning at Roche on the delivery of the brand into the palace, Lan Hui called Jiang Momo to come to feel Roche, in fact, she originally wanted to personally pick up, but Jiang mother said Lan Hui personally went to Roche also In front of the next man to Lan please, Lan Hui think had to wait in the house anxiously. At noon ginger mom finally come to feel with the Roche Elder brother. Lan Hui from the open door to see Roche after entering the hospital got up from the seat, greeted the door propped to please Ann s Roche into the house, ginger mother, who is directly in the door. Lan Hui to fidget cube china feel Roche to theme, can not wait for the opening, said What is the amount of mother in law into the palace Is home What happened Feel Roche carefully looked at Lan Hui, found her face ruddy, healthy, so calm down to snappily said is not worried about you this stinky girl, you Song so pleased with things that do not say to the family Send a message, or you heard in the yamen Ama know her mother. Lan Hui listened relie.Lan Hui nodded, closing up the books and said I personally go and see Then directly with the ginger mother and others went to Song s yard. Not approached to hear Song fidget cube purchase s miserable cry, this call fidget cube springgreen is really scared Lan Hui jump. Saying Lan Hui previous life is also a nurse, but others only in the cancer ward Zaza needle or something, one had not been to the operating room, two had not been to obstetrics and gynecology, usually at the most painful groans to hear the patients, like This torn cry really heard, and feel Roche production did not so called ah Lan Hui Wen steady body to the paper children s wrist went forward, one into the yard to see Lee is also under the girl s arm in the side, she see Lan Hui personally arrived, and came to Lan Hui line ceremony, Surface Daoshi not see anything. As the recent Si Age also frequently rest in her house, only a few days less than Lan Hui few fills, and Si Age reward from a woman never stingy, so Lee is now in front of the servant is a master style, but for identity.

ther this mouth Foul. Chapter forty encounter ten princes Four Elder brother came how much is a fidget cube back a few days on the solution of the Empress Dowager Hui Ban ban, these days Si Age in Lan Hui this break for a night, the rest of the time fidget cube maroon most of them went to Lee there. Because he came back to severely reprimanded the courtyard of the servant, so it is no longer re fidget cube silver root, as the steward of fidget cube europe the above things or by Lan Hui is responsible for, both in front of people as much as possible to maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, trying to In this way to resist the rumors, after all, if fidget cube for sale Lan Hui really hurt the Si Age s heirs, how could that four princes Lan Hui so good. Ban ban after the release of Lan Hui and in the yard for a week, during which 14 Elder brother came to think about Lan Hui this thing, but did not read anything else, but said Huang Arma arranged for him to the law The sea as a teacher, he and 13 Elder brother to learn, and said there will be time after the Lan Hui this, called Lan Hui t.ght Fu Jin contact, she thought Si Age and Ba Age is a political opponent, then the natural backyard of each other is the two camps. But look at today s Si Age and Ba Age to get along with a happy look, but also not forbid their own and Bafu Jin make, is the fourth brother transferred Abandoned Prince Lan Hui this time to put too much, that puzzled expression directly on the face of fidget cube silver the natural face, Sia Ge met with not help funny, then said Lord, although not like the Eight siblings did not rule, but it is believed that their Fu Jin will be measured. Say ye see you usually very busy, there is time to your nephew to do clothes, as more and siblings play a play, loose fast look. Lan Hui heard this would know that the fourth brother is misunderstood, it is estimated that four princes do not know Lan Hui can think of political opponents, but Lan Hui listened to the words of Si Age is still very touched, four princes although usually majestic, species 1 Ma, but the fidget cube silver wife of Lan Hui is also considered good, b.s really want Song Can safely production. The Queen Mother listened to the sound after a long silence angrily You rely on to take care of your mother s experience can be questioned the doctor s diagnosis of the imperial palace of the goddess that the production is not according to the doctor said that nursed back to health you see which child accident If it had not been Song s strong request to the imperial doctor to prescribe medicine, you are not called Song s medicine Just sent home to see Song Song, she was thin like that you said she was only a minor illness Say you did not abuse her After the Queen Mother did not give the opportunity to explain Lan Hui, directly said You also heard that you are now giving the old fourteen Enlightenment the old fourteen to see the old four back to see how he said. Do not do, De Fei, called the emperor to find a good learning to teach, how can the emperor s heirs to the house within a woman to teach Fourth daughter in law you go back and think about it, the palace i.

Fidget Cube Silver s, only in the courtyard of the San Fu Jin severely reprimanded on the outside but also to make a look of courtesy. And three Fu Jin s maid maid when it is also said that the introduction of reverie, and Pinger awake after simply do not remember what he said, even the hands of the eye has long been very pale and not clear, and before she Did not eat anything, so this thing will be nothing, and we all think that Pinger really sick so. So the next day three princes can fidget cube silver only on the plead off son, directly admitted that his housekeeper lax. Kangxi on the previous things have long been received before the news, not only Kangxi, fidget cube silver even the prince and the big brother back to send after the spy investigation, so we all know how, but the Royal face can not be placed on the table, said naturally. Kangxi when reprimanded a few of the three princes also no problem, but after the third brother called the Palace of the Qing Dynasty, a full training in an hour. The San Fu Jin that did not get well, before the Empress D.ou, Song is not enough, according to the rules can not raise children. Lan Hui, although already aware of the rules, but still want to fight, she did not want to raise other people s children, or a child died young, so Lan Hui said God, this child is Song sister born untold hardships , To the concubine of the body may be sad sister sad sister, you see is not particularly enlightened or let the child by the mother is better Si Age frowning, said Song body is not good how can the spirit of raising a good child, God said to you on to you, you do not decline. Lee also spoke at this time, and she smiles tenderly said Fu Jin mind is the most delicate, will take care of the little princess is very good. Lan Hui oblique Lee, she was afraid of Si Age, but Lee may not fear, listen to the words of Lee directly top back Lee sister so praise the Fujin, the blessing do not know what to say, but if Lee Sister feel that the Fujin careful, so that Lee has a child with this sister will take good care of the Fujin. Lee s.