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Fidget Cube Toy after drying, before the sun dried up the rest of herbs crushed up. Just wait for the leaves after the sun can be that psychedelic drug the first step well. Lan Hui finished these out again from the space to the library to take some herbs with ginger mother and others to visit the temperature Xi Xiangui Fei, Wen Xi concubine is a hearty temper, but because the body looked down A lot of weakness than usual, she fidget cube toy see Lan Hui to visit her, it touches also reluctantly said a few words, Lan Hui see her a weak appearance will soon come back. Back to the Elder Brothers Lan Hui has come up with a set of men to do half the sewing uniforms. Si Age s birthday is coming, this is Lan Hui specially prepared gift. She had also inquired about the Song and Lee prepared to send what they found that they have done the clothes, after all, when she was not much dowry, Lee is also better, how to say is the prefect s daughter, serious is carried from the ectopic , Although not a big dowry at home, but certainly secretly to Le.of the living room, and Lan Hui is a big blessing Jinjin Fujin there are five buy a fidget cube Fu Jin went to the living room next to the flower hall. Because women can not eat with men, and we are all family, so there is no how far apart. Lan Hui a sit down to see three Fu Jin Chou Chou said how not seen that Song it Lan Hui heard with a smile said Song has a body inconvenient to come out, Siye called her in the house with a break, how Three Sisters want to see Said laughing to see the three Fu Jin, I thought you If you want to see the words can be even intervene in his brother s house thing, it is best not so no mind. Three Fujin not say anything, just listen to five Fu Jin said What a concubine can be seen, Sansao, siblings look at your head this Chai good, is the latest look Three Fu Jin just want to add Lan Huidian block it, but added that I did not intend to see the Song, then listen to the words of the Five also moved down the mouth, said This is the latest out of parsley Pavilion Hairpin style, I see the amount.

y it is true, undefined status of the body really afraid to pass it out, unblemished body can not afford to lose fidget cube toy this person Si Age heard these words really want more, he said unhappy how Is not the suspects fine Song fine too light Lan Hui explained with a smile God can not get me wrong undefined, undefined status how to dare to question the decision of God, God naturally have their own ideas. Unfinished body just some uncomfortable heart, did not expect the sister of the concubine Song so much Even in front of so many people want to undefeated body surface. fidget cube toy Four Elder brother hear Lan Hui also put down the hearts of unhappy, looked at Hui Hui said Song mind fidget cube mediumspringgreen is too dark, every day thinking of someone vital to her, she did not think there Ye, how this courtyard God does not move her, and let her die in the backyard it just a pity on a small princess stalls so the amount of mother, or else it must be healthy and lively, which will be so early Go on Lan Hui listened also sadly down, think fidget cube brass about after the.bbing his eyes. Listening to the eunuchs above the command to cry. 10 Elder brother is kneeling in front, usually always laughing face is covered with tears, but others it is really cry, and Lan Hui this natural different. Lan Hui kneeling legs numb before escorted back to the Elder brother by. Si Age is also back, he looked at Lan Hui nodded and sat down. Lan Hui is arranged to fetch water to wash. First to Si Age wiped his face and then pick up their own. Four elder brother look is also some gloomy, he thought about Lan Hui said fidget cube sienna You do a few side dishes it will send a person to see the younger brother of that brother to see the younger brother of today s look a little wrong, or take care of a good point. Lan Hui nodded, and said Lord put it, undefined status was. Finished Lan Hui got up to the kitchen, she specifically from the space to come up with some vegetables, according to recipes to do a few vegetables. This is because she recently began to practice cooking can do it. Afraid of ten Elder brothe.aid now that their mother and son have a lot of feelings between, and all this because Lan Hui. Si Age thought not help to seize the hands of Lan Hui. Lan Hui has not sleep here in the heart belly back do not know what the Lord and pumping the wind, most of the night did not sleep actually sighed, but also abruptly grabbed my hand, really scared me hop. Chapter 41 Eighty or Ninety Visits The next day early in the morning Lan Elder brother Lan Hui horror of the gaze on the Lan Hui is a gentle care of the two, what pay attention to the body it It is best to call the imperial doctor to see Lan Hui has not hurt it Nothing to go out stroll the Imperial Garden, he is also agreed it These words Lan Hui a black line, although yesterday when the imperial doctor to Lan Hui has been checked, but Lan looked at the four Elder brother looked a little care about their own, it will be pleased to be under. Lan Hui sent away a very good mood after the four princes to please Lee, and Lan Hui and she talked about the two.

Fidget Cube Toy fidget cube toy then looked at Lan Hui faint smile asked God does not know that Fu Jin is also a means to know that with this Method to deal with Sansao. Lan Hui listened to these words not help but think of Pinger, so sickly said undefined status is also being forced to do anything, and before that thing to Sansao mischief, undefined status will be how to talk for so long, but also By the Emperor Ma Ma s punishment.This palace are stepped on the high holding low, see concubine lost the potential is not a fidget cube coupon small place.Because of the unfinished body this matter is wrong, Lord and the amount of Niang noodles On the matt, undefined status is no way to come up with this method, in fact, undefined status Pinger is innocent, perhaps because of the undefined body to do all this will make her lose their lives may also be Regret this done, ye, you said undefined status is not too vicious. Lan Hui heart was tortured, after all, this is the first time she framed others, and Pinger is likely to die, just Si Age s Embrace to appea.ved, and my heart is also depressed, this Song has the body, how their own hand, much attention, so she also wronged, said You listen carefully, and Song is not a daughter with Is it necessary to inform you and Amma Feel the Roche gas with the index finger straining the point of Lan Hui s forehead, turn iron into steel, said north facenorth facenorth facenorth facenorth facenorth face Know that worry ah Lan Hui see Roche angry, and had to bow to honest hearing, but my heart was muttered I do not know her daughter is born it Why worry. Hey Is not good to tell her mother I know the history of history, fidget cube malaysia do not fidget cube mediumblue say that they can pinch count dizzy Or endured it, not a few months she was born, born I was liberated. Feel Roche did not notice Lan Hui has fugue days, and still that talking about Hui children, you and Si Age is not odds Si Age often come to your house Lan Hui nodded his head should be said Si Age or often fidget cube toy come, the daughter may be difficult to conceive it Feel Roche nodded and exclaimed You may be.