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Fidget Cube Unboxing said, how do you sit down slaves and then Slaves look at Fujin also stand for so long, or you sit down Said to have moved Of the chair to indicate the side of the slaves into Lan Hui that. Lan Hui smile did not speak, sit down directly. She knew Lee did not dare to sit and let Lan Hui standing, this is not Lan Hui first sit down fidget cube unboxing Lan Hui sat down after a long while reckoning if the Si Age back to the words, as if just like it, facing the Lee fidget cube unboxing s sorry smile said Look at me, patronize anxious Song sister, and forget Just to move a chair, then turned around and told Xiao Lianzi said Li went to the master to move the chair, really no eye price. Command fidget cube store finished again on Lee said Lee sister sit down to break It is not a thoughtful sister. Lee also how to say, just now she can really tired, and thought that since the chair to the Fujin, Fujin will reward the chair to her, the whole half day people from a sit down and put her dry side , And let her stand for a long time before they pretend to just think of itother see Lan Hui in this case can accompany his daughter, the hearts of a warm up. But he really do not want to see the little princess, so most of the time there Lee rest. Lee naturally flatter Si Age, resorted to all the stops fidget cube unboxing should also take the Si Age wait for the ease of mind. Song did not know these things, she is still trying to nursed back to health, with a view to an early look at his daughter. Finally, after a little princess in two months because of a cold to go. At that time serve her maid of the maternal grandmother were Si Age huff under the rod. Si Age this time my heart is not happy, fidget cube vancouver little princess living in these two months is also a kind of suffering for him, had to see Lan Lan attentive care of the way, small fidget cube kickstarter edition princess also dragged the Sun Taiyi said the January period, thought She can grow up a little bit, but the result is because I do not serve the well servants did not harm the little princess got the wind so cold to go, so how can he not fire in those slaves who. Song knew his.

en directly into the space where the bubble in the spring for a while, this spring bath effect is very good, although only for a while to Lan Hui s body is not so sour Pain. Fortunately, now is the summer Lan Hui Renren in cold water bubble for a while also become, if the winter Lan Hui really lying in bed. The body s sore after a good return to the bedroom after the Lan Hui, Yang called the children into the paper to help them come in to help her wash. They did not find Lan Hui Hui paper any different, because Lan Hui just put the hair on the string together, and only bubble in the spring water in the lower body only, so the body down no wet places, otherwise they will doubt the paper children. Lan Hui with a little breakfast after the meal went to the German Princess please Ann, De Fei, as usual, just say a few words called Lan Hui back. Lan Hui has not come back to listen to how long to listen to the eight fu Jin came again, but not to the five fu Jin. Bafu Jin Jin Huimin a door on the said Just celebration, we can be optimistic, do not make any mistakes. Having led Zhang Momo rush to the kitchen. Evening Si Age first came back, he headed to the room Lan Hui rush. A door to find Lan Hui is told around the small Lianzi what. Lan Hui see Si Age came up quickly after salute to him, and then a few words to send Xiao Lianzi only after Si Age said Lord back, first change clothes loose fast loose it Si Age to see their clothes to wear in the body nodded and let Lan Hui busy up. Lan Hui picked up a set of dark red dressed around for the Si Age changed. Si Age saw his new clothes and looked at Lan Hui who red clothes, obscure mouth Alice Alice, apparently think of what a good thing so I feel good look. Such as Lan Hui for Si Age after the clothes looked up and down after the fourth Elder brother one, and thought really long handsome clothes are nice to see what ah Wu cheap, and I have not seen several Si Age wearing red clothes Lan Hui mind did not delay the hands of the living, it will have to reported Siye, Fujin, Lin imperial doctor to. Si Age Sheng voice said come in. I saw a 30 year fidget cube stress relief old man bowed came in, one came to kneel down to the Si Age and Lan Hui line ceremony. Come on, come over to see the Fujin. Si Age said. Lin imperial doctor looked up behind the sweep a bit and saw Lan Hui s direction after the busy bow came over, first to Lan Hui diagnosis of the pulse, after a quick sweep Lan Hui neck pinch marks. Check back two bow down bow said back to Siye, then, Fugin body no harm, but by some frightened, to be Xiaguan to open some sedative medicine to drink like, as the bruises on the neck of the official that Side of some ointment, cast on three days can fidget cube peachpuff be cured. Si Age heard nodded, and asked God fidget cube unboxing look at the sound of some voices to speak to Fujin, do not have to take some other soup Lin said, The soothing medicine has been added to the treatment of Fujin throat herbs, so do not have another prepared. Si Age heard nodded satisfaction, but also told Fujin just go to the little prin.

Fidget Cube Unboxing Ba Age and Si Age to eat vinegar. But Si Age obviously fidget cube unboxing did not have much time to care about the younger brother and sister robbed of fidget cube joystick their own things, because Kangxi decided to the second visit to Gelandan, and Si Age is the command was in charge of the red flag camp. At the same time Lan Hui also started for the Si Age expedition to start preparations. The sixty third chapter preparatory work and easy pregnancy Since the first month of Emperor Kangxi ordered to pro Geer Dan, Lan Hui began to prepare for the Si Age luggage to. Because the four princes have to be accompanied by Lan Hui also specifically from the space out of a large pot of honey and a bottle of royal jelly, and now the space has a lot of bees, many hives are hidden in the woods, can only see the bees Flowers in the flying honey. Lan Hui pick a large honeycomb to which most of the royal jelly and honey all collected. She used to do not eat this, in the space of bees only to pollinate. But the Si Age to go to the northwest to fight, Lan Hu.nt women wrong. And she has intended to use the Song if the meal, then she would secretly come up with their own space in the herbs and ingredients to replace the original, so eat fidget cube for adults the space in the Song to improve the physical nature of the items will be more healthy. Lan Hui would like to refute the capacity of Princess, but she had no reason, how to say Could it be that she intends to secretly replace Song s food and medicine Or that they hear in the modern are pregnant women to take medicine is not good, then Lan Hui thought of these first blame themselves, nothing so concerned about Song doing How to say how to do the imperial doctor chant If the Song and the children have any bad, she invited the imperial doctor who can blame her body. Lan Hui thought he had often underestimated these ancient people despise, feel that they experience a lot more than they know, but now know that he has been living in the self, simply can not integrate into this dynasty, she always to the prophets themselves , With th.