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Fidget Cube Vinyl Toy tened to Lan Hui said it is disdain, said This is not easy She can marry into the royal Zhi Bingshi is what life burn incense and pray to it This fidget cube discount is a lifetime can not enjoy the splendor of wealth Lan Hui listened to the words of Zhang Mama did not say anything with a smile, but my heart thought in this backyard struggling to fight to fight, the day can have a good, could not marry an ordinary family loving children and grandchildren she Choting choting choting choting choting choting fidget cube vinyl toy choting choting choting But thought to Lan Hui and stopped in the hands of the brush, stunned thinking there Maybe I was wrong in this era of women married into the ordinary family is not necessarily happy, the three men and four concubines of the concubine also corpuscles can not stop. But nothing more than the palace clean point to say if married to fidget cube vancouver the poor at home, the couple also have to worry about livelihoods, even food and clothing are not fidget cube inen guaranteed not even more difficult. Hey which did not law Ruyi ah Lee ba.to busy saying Yes ah, we What do you do with the leaf Wu Jin also do not want to say in front of his sister in law those who break things, people jokes are fidget cube vinyl toy always bad. So smiled and echoed Leaf card four sister in law is not good, usually play with the four Sisters Sisao have to lose a lot of money, or else this time we again robbed some. Lan Hui a leaf on the card to look black line, and that she really do not understand the study, usually never played at home, into the palace began with the five Jin fu school, but unfortunately Lan Huikuai also fast but also beat five Fujin this play for nearly ten years, so every gamble will lose, so Lan Hui headache endless. This will be like how to refuse it, listen to the eight fu Jin said I will be a lot of tricks I do not want fidget cube vinyl toy to bully the novice, Wu Fu Jin quickly agreed. Lan Hui s head is bigger, depressed, said You said I will not ah I see you both play Eight Fujin heard discouraged, said That more boring. Then turn the next two eyes, grinning then said I t.

d that others face it Besides I have to really reprimanded Wu s not only down the amount of the mother s face with the Lord that also make life difficult for the new concubine Ma Wei can not give me, let her fight do not take me on. But Wu would say, but also carried out to the mother to listen to the mother really think there is an amount of Niang rely on to sit back and relax Cut Song did not have the amount of the mother also rely on it Now is not Banzu out in the house are not out Come Hui Lan sat down and painted a painting side said. That we now how to do Zhang Mama listened to a benefit that also come to understand, busy asked. Let s now start with the Wu s, she had just entered the door of God, but also a little fresh girl in the door a little bit, but also to the door, Married into the Royal also blame is not easy, let her happy two days, Lan Hui mouth, said my heart was thinking, just let me loose a good two days to sort out space crops. Sibi Si is also waiting every day tiring. Zhang Mama lis.n Hui came to study, to see more than 14 Elder brother, even thirteen princes also came. After the two of them to Lan Hui a ceremony, 13 Elder brother spoke and said wife, brother, which in turn bother you. Lan Hui smiled and said What to disturb, 13 brother to wife in welcome. 14 Elder brother had already back to the table at this time, and behind him a small fan holding a small fan to the fourteen non stop fan. Even 13 Elder brother eunuch Xiao Lingzi also in the fourteen behind serving, from time to time a cold iced grapes to fourteen mouth side. Lan Hui seeing also not told by the side of the small Lian Zi said You go and then take two basins of ice. Xiao Lianzi Cha a cry after the retreat, and soon held two basins of ice over Lan Hui command on the edge of the desk on the 14th, after the fourteen said Is it cool Sister in law, brother fidget cube vinyl toy or hot, or we do not learn today, you tell me a story. 14 Elder brother lying on the table sickly said. Oh Sister in law can tell stories Quickly to listen. Thirteen.However, Lan Hui Hui mother is not so assured of ginger, but also had to use Zhang Momo, and say find out who is the brother of the new Ning, the new Ning Lan Hui or trustworthy. Fu Jin assured slaves know. Zhang Momo one should be down. Four Elder brother came home at night to Lan Hui house, Lan Hui wait on Si fidget cube lightcyan Age with dinner, after the two chatted to the days. Si Age yesterday from 14 that got the news that Wu s things, he also knows Lan Hui than he knew. But last night he waited for a night did not see Lan initiative to bring this does not do this morning when the poor also pondering this matter at night he decided to open the first to ask it after this Fujin he is experienced for many years, to no major events must not Will take the initiative to tell Si Age. Pleasant Si Age to strange, backyard into the Fu Jin is not a big event it How can not see what Lan Hui has a strange expression. Lan Hui naturally thought so much, she waited for the four princes lie down after said today in De Fei that saw Wu.

Fidget Cube Vinyl Toy voice of pregnant women overjoyed Health, and gave birth, is a small princess. Lan Hui relieved, can be regarded as born, and later those concubines gave birth to a child she is not what the outside, and so too tortured people. Lee also calm down, and my heart smiled Road toss for so long is not born a daughter, is a no luck. And I would like to fight Si Age heard these words very disappointed, he liked his son, his son can not pass the family line. He felt that they are fidget cube magenta especially outside the door so long, the results of Song or gave birth to a daughter, really Intuit fidget cube order I do not know anyhow. At this time the old mother also holding the child out from fidget cube logo the delivery room, and saw her smile came up to the Si Age reported Congratulations Si Ye, Song master safe birth of small Princess. Si Age though not wait to see her daughter, but in any case are their first child, so or closer look closer look, this look is not help from the fidget cube vinyl toy heart more uncomfortable, this small grid is very thin, the skin is also wrinkled.also specifically thanked Lan Hui, because Lan Hui every day to prepare 10 Elder brother food, and Si Age is also often relieved 10 Elder brother, Si Age, after all, experienced his mother Tong Jia s death When he is a person over. Now 10 Elder brother and he is the fourth most common language. Even nine princes and eight princes are not. Who told Yi Fei and the future of Liang Fei now live well Although Ba Age and nine princes also persuaded ten princes, ten princes also appreciate, but the four elder brother couple is also grateful. After the death of Premier Wen Xi Lan Hui often go to chat with her, or send some food or send some herbs. So that the impression of Wen Xi Li Hui Hui Ye Hao a lot. 10 Elder brother who is a solid eye. He Jiu Elder brother and Ba Age as beloved as brothers, who could not have them, but to accompany his four year old couple Eniang wife is also a solid grateful. After the funeral of the Princess Wen Xi ten princes also specifically to the Elder brother to the four princes a.