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Fidget Cubes sheng s son was so active or canonized for example, then the capacity of the case of Ma Jia Shi is also be boil out. In the same year Kangxi also ordered fidget cubes a button cobalt Paul s as the Queen, as well as the Elder brother of the amount of Niang Hui bin and the palace should be just the example. Si Age s adoptive mother Tong Jia Shi is also the canonization of the Royal. At this time of the Wujia Tong Jia Shi s ladies or it Tong Jia s own has been out of nothing so helpless arrangements Wuya s favor, this is not only a Kangxi Wuyi success on pregnant. And then the contents of the example also immersed in their already sealed example of the dream can not extricate itself, the palace of the palace of the concubine pregnant also did not even fancy, who knows Kangxi even in the Uygur gave birth to Si Age did not take long put Ukraine Jasper s direct closure of the example, all of a sudden a maid and Rong Ping on an equal footing, which depends on what ah Who allow these years to serve Kangxi, gave birth to hi.g mistake , Say there is fluid in the hands of Armagh s body can also nursed back to health. Lan Hui fidget cubes called Zhang Mama down rest, he is dodge into the space, she went to the colorful gourd that has been covered with old trees gourd vine, looking forward to the colorful gourd can quickly results, fidget cube steelblue she worried about their own spiritual fluid with Of the fast, do not run out, and now Ama Ermou age are not small, and usually have a pain Ye Hao Ye Hao Ye quick solution. However, this is not an aura of Lan Hui can be anxious long fast, Lan Hui can only wait for it. Siguo night came back asked fidget cube seagreen Hui Lan Hui home situation, Lan Hui lug said, after this thing will be passed. Until later, Zhang Mama and after the palace to Lan Hui to bring the exact message, was because the Kangxi concession army command additional 12 arrows, ready to deploy and propaganda orders. Means that the command of the infantry command has expanded. The original is the capital of the inner city of law and order, is now attached to the city o.

this is not beautiful, family background is also good, the body is also very good, temper also gentle Wushi selected, be And De Princess Qiaojixia how to make fidget cube the. Unfortunately, De Fei satisfied, 14 do not like. He grew up in the De Fei side, whenever the Emperor Kangxi who can be seen when the spoiled Duffy mood. Only 14 year old did not understand what men and women love, but after thinking he found that women should not like their own husband to favor others. 14 and Lan Hui s relationship has been very good, he wondered his sister in law should also, and the same amount of mother, since this is called the Mahone less received one got. Anyway, they have three Mahone backyard, and there are so good sister in law, but also to find other people doing so fourteen is trying to make things difficult for Wu fidget cube dice stress s. He did not dare directly with De Fei said that he knew from the amount of mother has been busy this recently, if he said Defei certainly not willing to. 14 is also very filial, do not want the mother is not happ.the net in person, for the uniforms. Si Age to enjoy the service from a Fujin, until they are finished before the opening to ask how the little princess Body how to Lan Hui replied with a smile Everything is good little princess, the imperial doctor opened the medicine also eat, and looked at the situation is not bad. Four Agor pull Lan Hui s hand, said hard fortune, fidget cube grey and black and these two days you look at the point, do not have any situation.There are tomorrow Huang Ama Wanshou you have to be prepared.We do not have anything wrong in the courtyard. Lan Hui, a four princes mean to understand, in fact, white is also afraid of small princess and Defei in Wanshou when the situation. Watching a child in their mother s psychological not as important to Kangxi He Shou to. But Lan Hui also not committing anything for the children of others uncomfortable, as long as the future do not do so on her child. Lan Hui think front Si Age said God assured it Concubine who are asked to go on. Yes, little princess wash three chapter Wu s door Refers to the marriage will be issued after the natural Lee is also anxious up. She passed the side of the slave to the family through the news also went to check the Wu s situation, when heard of Wu s appearance, gentle and pleasant, very Deke like Lee s heart could not help but have a strong sense of crisis. Her in the backyard of the battle can be more than Lan Hui Jiao only one third of the appearance and De Fei side to rely on the. This is even the fidget cube case two Wu are also occupied, how not fidget cubes called Lee s gas and anxious. But now she was sitting in the palace of the womb of the Wu s also no way. Only after the door, such as Wu s say. Wushi Princess just marry the door is also very simple, in a bright day was a small car carried into the Elder brother. Nature is not more than three princes and five princes married side Fu Jin so lively grand, even Si Age and Lan Hui did not personally appear. But was carried to the backyard of a room after sitting in bed waiting for dry. Only Lan Hui sent.

Fidget Cubes injury. And then Lan Hui is holding a small mirror inside the house looking at the neck pinch marks. Zhang Momo is in the side of the grievances of the complaining Fu Jin, this time you say something to give Song point color to see, she dared to face so many people in front of your assailants, slaves to see if she did not want to live. Si Ye is really, even just for her forbidden enough to slaves to see it should be directly rod death, have not seen which concubine can be so bullying the master.If the wife know do not know how to distressed you Zhang Ma Mother really bent to Lan Hui, even the Si Age s account does not buy. Lan Hui listened to the words of Zhang Mama smiled and said You can not be too excited, and I this is not good Fingerprint on this few, if not fidget cubes on the drug also can not see two days. It really can not be so forget, when Lee is also in the house, if I do not shot Lee does not think I m bullied As for the Song you can rest assured that out of this matter she also count in the Lord that.ried tired, lying on the Si Age of the body pumping the tears of the tears are snorting tears to Si Age clothes. Si Age did not notice Lan Hui action, see Lan Hui emotional stability was puzzled and asked how How to cry Lan Hui heard Si Age questioning can not help but embarrassed, she did not know whether it is necessary to calculate the Pinger thing to say, if the words can not help but even explain the medical books, and those of Aoyao herbal medicine also said Not clear. Four Elder brother see Lan Hui embarrassed look quickly sink to face, directly pushed Lan Hui went to one side. Lan Hui see Si Age s heart is not how to feel better, just when she was sad, but Si fidget cube youtube Age has been accompanied by the side, and before those gossip fidget cubes by the agony when Si Age also did not doubt or reprimand her. Lan Hui thought up and walked to the bed, from the bedside cabinets bumbling out of a book, in fact, Lan Hui directly to the space of medical books took out. She holds a medical book and handed the Si Age, and then sto.