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Genuine Fidget Cube Lan Hui busy genuine fidget cube back back, strange to say, Lan Hui to step back after a small princess stopped crying. genuine fidget cube Lan Hui looked at his three step distance from the bed, try to go out a little princess cry, go back a small step on the quieter. This look to Lan Hui confused dumbfounding, small princess that is what is not to leave their three step distance. Helpless Lan Hui had to sit down at the bedside, and then only Zhang Mama and others called in. Zhang Momo after they came in respectful standing there, Lan Hui looked at them and said The earlier preparation of the wet nurse and the mother will take me to see, as well as to pick up the side room, after the small grid to live it Coarse girl also from our yard and then select a group of ah. First packed the house to bear Zhang Mama listened to these words back down arrangements. While Lan Hui is sitting in bed watching a small princess daze. She is now wondering why the little princess likes herself, is she wearing it So I know the clinging to his own big wife and.The second layer of power law Lan Hui also practiced for more than six months, but unfortunately because Si Age from time to time to Lan Hui this overnight, making Lan Hui practice less and less time, this speed seems, from the second floor excel at least Have a few years time. Lan Hui would like to take advantage of Si Age is not in this period of time more practice, for the early second layer excel, a good finishing under the space crop. The next day Lan Hui called Zhang Mama morning to ask the imperial doctor, Zhang Mama thought Lan Hui own figured out, not help cheerful go on. Soon the imperial doctor came, or that the imperial doctor, he came in to listen to Lan Hui told The Fujin invited to come to the imperial doctor to Song Gege diagnosis under the veins, to see how the Song Gege body Having personally come with the fidget cube review and unboxing imperial doctor s Song s courtyard, where Song has long been informed, into the room after the doctor told the crime began to Song s diagnosis. Lan Hui is the first time into the Son.

se to forget fidget cube navyblue to close up again and again by the side fidget cube in india of the minions found in addition to their usual also have a lot of free time, so re bound a blank book, Ladies Chuan words, which copy the contents of the traditional Red House, directly to the red house get a vest looked up. This really can frighten the people around, Zhang Maomi see Lan Hui holding a martyr when passing was also quipped Fu Jin now really grow up, remember the Fujin child also disdain for this strong woman. Is that this book is to imprison the idea of a woman and write, and said he did not see anything to do, and now married people really and not the same as fidget cube japan before. Lan Hui heard this also laughed, she was in the old residence of Faye Yang has always been what to say, which is now everywhere fidget cube promo code as constrained, always be vigilant. Think really is not miss the day of marriage. In fact, Lan Hui Why so hard to copy the book and then come up with it, mainly because she likes to lie in bed habit can not change, although in the space Lan Hui n.Si Age net finished face. Si Age was Lan Hui this gentle wait, the day s fatigue seems to have disappeared, he was about to and Lan Hui said two words to listen to outside high level report intrinsic master, the princes come. Si Age see the guests had to helplessly Lan Hui said Lord to pick it up, the feast genuine fidget cube ready Are ready, even if the brothers go directly with the brothers on the line. Well, hard today, you, and early to recover it out of the master Yeah. Si Age these words do not know tomorrow morning, or that night come. If it is not necessary to come early in the morning to mention one, because tomorrow is to give Si Age and Lan Hui salute, Si Age natural to Lan Hui this. And if it is that late over, it can be interesting, and this new door of the four princes to be in his house to be three places, if Si Age not go the next night, and Wu s big face had to be lost. But Lan Hui did not think so much, it touches her side of the ginger mother listening to Si Age, then bright spots. Si Age after the tran.t hear the words of the cloud, like a few steps forward sat down on the bed of the Song, took Song s hand and said Sister of the way the Lord saw the distressed, you should pay more attention to some As for the cloud girl or a good aunt to teach a good tune it Look at her, even the basic security will not be, and also said that because of his sister s body is not a good thing, Her trance can take good care of her sister genuine fidget cube how, according to her sister to see her sister is now made into this are also she will not take care of the reasons. After saying this, Lan Hui, ranging from Song opening, direct command children Yan child said This is not quick to rule out the small hoofs dragged out, but for the face to see her sister in the Song, the Fujin really want to She finished directly. Lan Hui finished these words children Yan Er children pulling the two hands and push the other side of the yelling of the clouds to get out. The two girls are also happy with my heart, usually two people Fenglan Hui s orders sen.

Genuine Fidget Cube blessing not seen , And in its surrounding actually has a majestic gas field. At this time Zhang Mama directly from the outside, mouth flustered, said Fu Jin, the Queen Mother of the spring to send the spring to see the mother of spring Song, and slaves fidget cube gostwhite look Chun Momo s face is not very good. Just said that see the house Of the ginger mother and others to make her wink again and again, and has always loved to laugh Lan Hui also Gu Zi silence, as if did not hear her the same. Zhang Mama looked at the situation in the house quickly closed his mouth, respectful of the station to the mother behind Jiang Momo. After a moment, Lan Hui head down told You have to go out Zhang Momo also want to say anything, but was covered with ginger Mother Ma mouth pulled out. Why do you pull me ah Fujin how I wait for Fujin so many years, have not seen her like fidget cube palegreen this Is not what happened Zhang Momo a house quietly asked Jiang Ma Mother, Jiang Momo had to pull her aside and said. Lan Hui also genuine fidget cube moved up the house at this time.However, Lan Hui Hui mother is not so assured of ginger, but also had to use Zhang Momo, and say find out who is the brother of the new Ning, the new Ning Lan Hui or trustworthy. Fu Jin assured slaves know. Zhang Momo one should be down. Four Elder brother came home at night to Lan Hui house, Lan Hui wait on Si Age with dinner, after the two chatted to the days. Si Age yesterday from 14 that got the news that Wu s things, he also knows Lan Hui than he knew. But last night he waited for a night did not see Lan initiative to bring this does not do this morning when the poor also pondering this matter at night he decided to open the first to ask it after this Fujin he is experienced for many years, to no major events must not Will take the initiative to tell Si Age. Pleasant Si Age to strange, backyard into the Fu Jin is not a big event it How can not see what Lan Hui has a strange expression. Lan Hui naturally thought so much, she waited for the four princes lie down after said today in De Fei that saw Wu.