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Official Fidget Cube cendants ah Cool thin, on the moment with his wife but also like a knee like glue it, the next moment with his wife to talk about things to the concubine room. And take the time to face a smile, for fear that others do not know how happy to go to concubines. Lan Hui in fidget cube white and blue the spring where the circle walking around, slowly calm down the heart of depression, she knew her mentality or not adjusted, it seems to be an emergency training, and can not put the feelings of Si Age who. Si Age that want to emperor, how could make a pet in the backyard thing It is estimated that this time because he was young, not to win the entropy of this time to relax the pet Lan Hui, or else to Si Age s temper is absolutely not make this kind of criticized by the matter. Lan Hui brain after the Si Age law backyard life, one day to the Fujin house, which side to the side of the house, one day to Princess concubine house. Estimated to Si Age that stereotyped temperament will be listed in a timetable. To the time if he is also jealou.e ancient body of Faye Yang poor Si Age happy to know what Jin Yang Fei Yang, but to know the old man, but four elder brother, usually on the Si Age also shines. Lan Hui is wondering the sudden thought of that busy word, quickly asked You mean I Ama recently busy Zhang Momo ah a cry. Lan Hui This thought, perhaps he did not promotion Armagh, Kangxi only to him what important job, so their family naturally more important in the Si Age heart. Lan Hui estimate the fact that should be the case, but Si Age really do not do so, too much traces. He is nothing to do Fei Yang ancient also will stand on his side, who called Lan Hui is his blessing it. Things have asked this point no problem, since the home is no big event Lan Hui also put down the heart. She asked to feel the body feel Roche, I heard that Roche s body is very good recently, but also often supervise the fee Yang ancient nursed official fidget cube back to health, Lan Hui was really put down the heart, the family has the amount of Niangniang generally do not see any bi.

ded after the next, Lan Hui told Xiaolian sub band The imperial doctor to the living room waiting. The imperial doctor also know that this is the way he left the state of fear, in this palace serve a long time, and these circumstances he is clear, so he did not say anything to follow the small Lianzi back down. Lan Hui and Lee at the door and so on for half an hour, the Song s shouting continues, that sounds weak some, Lan Hui think about what the situation really afraid, remember the history of Song, but the child, but prematurely , Not the time of production problems She was wondering or find someone to tell Si Age heard, although this time people are waiting until the baby was born again and again, but now this is the fourth child of Si Age, or can be fidget cube mintcream a difference to treat, say no matter Si Age After listening to the back does not come back, Lan Hui reported a quasi right, if the Song is now out of the situation, it also depends on less than Lan Hui body. Want a good Lan Hui on the side of the ginger.d that others official fidget cube face it Besides I have to really reprimanded Wu s not only down the amount of the mother s face with the Lord that also make life difficult for the new concubine Ma Wei can not give me, let her fight do not take me on. But Wu would say, but also carried out to the mother to listen to the mother really think there is an amount of Niang rely on to sit fidget cube walmart back and relax Cut Song did not have the amount of the mother also rely on it Now is not Banzu out in the house are not out Come Hui Lan sat down and painted a painting side said. That we now how to do Zhang Mama listened to a benefit that also come to understand, busy asked. Let s now start with the Wu s, she had just entered the door of God, but also a little fresh girl in the door a little bit, but also to the door, Married into the Royal also blame is not easy, let her happy two days, Lan Hui mouth, said my heart was thinking, just let me loose a good two days to sort out space crops. Sibi Si is also official fidget cube waiting every day tiring. Zhang Mama lis.t a variety of eating when the cloud of a push three resistance four look, which makes the two girls uncomfortable bad, this time finally regain a Council to see the clouds Children also how to look at her face Old Momo also came forward at this time, she carefully observed a bit Song, Song found that just lost some, like the refugees did not eat the same, will understand it. She came forward to fidget cube blanchedalmond Lan Hui said Four Fu Jin, Laonu want to come before the four to come to the mother, asked Song official fidget cube Gege situation, as well as Song Gege like this or ask a doctor to more secure Lan Hui listened again and again nodded and said Mother said, this is also to ask a doctor to look at it, this matter to the mother it Which imperial doctor on the more good I fidget cube by kickstarter can not understand the mother , All depends on the mother. Lan Hui said to the gentle side, said My sister take care of the body, as far as the courtyard of things to the mother you Do not worry about these things, Peace is the most important child. Lan Hui finishe.

Official Fidget Cube and found Lan Hui And not angry, so curious asked Fu Jin Do not angry Lan Hui looked at the outspoken Yan child, light laughing, said What is so angry, long mouth in someone else s face, I can control it , but you do very right, like the master of the slaves of these arguments the good misses free. pen children, this would give you a look back at the bold outlaw punish Nu Cai. Lan Hui said commanded pen children Road. And then glanced at the pen, said lightly After fidget cube lightpink the courtyard of the slave have any circumstances remember to tell me at any time, do not call me from someone else to hear, remember I give you errand, those slaves gave me good Look at the point. Pen children should be a sound back down, but before leaving or dissatisfied with a Yan Yan children looked. Lan Hui, but rarely reprimanded people, although not really angry just now, but the tone and attitude has also been called the pen was afraid of the child. This matter is not Yan child talkative, pen as far as being Hui Hui exclusion. Say Y.his brother happy, Xinning has also been 20 years old, if not a official fidget cube child estimated Roche and Feiyang ancient emergency. Lan Hui is now living in fidget cube australia the palace, can not always send something to the home can not help but always some worry, so put some of the seeds in the space called Zhang Mama brought out, ordered to find Roche kind of Roche kind of their own family to eat. These seeds are improved, but also no shaking ZZZZZZZZ benefits, both mature and appearance of the time and are almost the same. However, Lan Hui eaten naturally know that these seeds planted a lot of vegetables taste better, there is a benefit that is rich in nutrients. But these people do not eat as long as others can not know, Lan Hui specifically told Roche do not send out, just keep their own people like to eat. As for the song that Lan Hui did not do any action, but regardless of regardless of her. The yard is not to see the two masters of the Song, slaves were naturally bully to her head when. Lan Hui of the slaves to do everything.