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Real Fidget Cube find someone to accompany their child is accompanied by Yan Yan Zhang Momo slowly walking. After fidget cube in india all, even if a servant Zhang Mama under heavy injuries can not take the chariot, did not see the injured eunuchs just back from the little eunuchs who are back. A pedestrian walked halfway to meet the servants, Lan Hui called a strong eunuch carrying Zhang Momo back to the Elder brother, and then quickly to please the imperial doctor to see, although I can not see imperial doctor, but like Zhang Ma Mother so that the master side of the face of the slaves can still be particularly enlightened. After the imperial doctor came to open just a number of sprained drugs on the back, Lan Hui also ordered Zhang Momo more rest a few days, so the body is good and then the difference. Zhang Mama thousand grace million thanks should be. Lan Hui returned to the old eunuch that sent a number of herbs and reward the money back, said Xiao Lianzi old eunuchs Xie Xie also specifically called the men of the servants to Lan Hui.f slaves who do not know how this time going on Brother must interrogate understand. Having turned around Looked at the maid has been quiet, asked What happened Let you have the courage to yelling in front of the master, and quickly said. That little maid at this time pale, trembling kneeling on the ground, said Back, back to the Lord, then slaves, poor slaves back to the house, see the small lotus hanging, hanging in the house, slaves scared out, No, not deliberately collision master, and begged the master child Rao slaves a life. Having said that, the small maid kneeling on the floor, knocked his head from the bang. Three Elder brother heard these words wrinkled brow, this little lotus who he can not have a little impression, but the three Fu Jin heard this, his face touched a change, and the three big women around the palace of Pinger is panic look up. Standing here are the people fine, although some did not see the moment that changes the face of the three Fujin, but her side of the Pinger that.

after drying, before the sun dried up the rest of herbs crushed up. Just wait for the leaves after the sun can be that psychedelic drug the first step well. Lan Hui finished these out again from the space to the library to take some herbs with ginger mother and others to visit the temperature Xi Xiangui Fei, Wen Xi concubine is a hearty temper, but because the body looked down A lot of weakness than usual, she see Lan Hui to visit her, it touches also reluctantly said a few words, Lan Hui see her a weak appearance will soon come back. Back to the Elder Brothers Lan Hui has come up with a set of men to do half the sewing uniforms. Si Age s birthday is coming, this is Lan Hui specially prepared gift. She had also inquired about the Song and Lee prepared to send what they found that they have done the clothes, after all, when she was not much dowry, Lee is also better, how to say is the prefect s daughter, serious is carried from the ectopic , Although not a real fidget cube big dowry at home, but certainly secretly to Le.of the living room, and Lan Hui is a big blessing Jinjin Fujin there are five Fu Jin went to the living room next to the flower hall. Because women can not eat with men, and we are all family, so there is no how far apart. Lan Hui a sit down to see three Fu Jin Chou Chou said how not seen that Song it Lan Hui heard with a smile said Song has a body inconvenient to come out, Siye called her in the house with a break, how Three Sisters want to see Said laughing to see the three Fu Jin, I thought you If you want to see the words can be even intervene in his brother s house thing, it is best not fidget cube slategray so no mind. Three Fujin not say anything, just listen to five Fu Jin said What a concubine can be seen, Sansao, siblings look at your head this Chai good, is the latest look fidget cube lime Three Fu Jin just want to add Lan Huidian block it, but added that I did not intend to see the Song, then listen to the words of the Five also moved down the mouth, said This is the latest out of parsley Pavilion Hairpin style, I see the amount.cendants ah Cool thin, on the moment with his wife but also like a knee like glue it, the next moment with his wife to talk about things to the concubine fidget cube colors room. And take the time to face a smile, for fear that others do not know how happy to go to concubines. Lan Hui in the spring where the circle walking around, slowly calm down the heart of depression, she knew her mentality or not adjusted, it seems to be an emergency training, and can not put the feelings of Si Age who. Si Age that want to emperor, how could make a pet in the backyard thing It is estimated that this time because he was young, not to win the entropy of real fidget cube real fidget cube fidget cube 3d print this time to relax the pet Lan Hui, or else to Si Age s temper is absolutely not make this kind of criticized by the matter. Lan Hui brain after the Si Age law backyard life, one day to the Fujin house, which side to the side of the house, one real fidget cube day to Princess concubine house. Estimated to Si Age that stereotyped temperament will be listed in a timetable. To the time if he is also jealou.

Real Fidget Cube r Mahone do not like to see the shame of the people are crying, but pick the mother for a long time before picking in such a satisfied. Do not cost of fidget cube trouble your son, ah, big deal does not call you after her. Fourteen listen to the Princess said so know that this basic set, so Yan Yan s should be the De Fei, then, not a will go to Lan Hui this play small report. Lan Hui listened to a 14 dancing narrative also finally understand. The whole time for a long time recently Defei busy in this, she said how recently when you have peace of mind Derek is pleasantly the case is the case, but Lan Hui mind is just a little thorn on the return to normal, this kind of thing later she did not know to How much experience back to the first time it can be considered to catch a fresh accumulation of experience. As the saying goes, knowing that he knows each other victorious, this Wu s since into the fourth Elder backyard, that even if the direct jurisdiction by the Lan Hui. As a command of four elder brother backyard all women.happy, but always inevitably some fidget cube case worry, slaves to listen to Liu Mama said northwest wind sand there, so specially for the Lord to do two pieces of windproof sand cloak Come. Lee listened to the words of Wu s endless anger, Wu s doing so would seem to be Lee s mouth care, but can not get anything on hand. But she thought of just Lan Hui to her to see the list of salute, flew react, said But also want to do something for the Lord slaves, but the thought of the normal handling of the well being real fidget cube of the Fujin, Ye usually what to use, what So that the slaves will not show their sorrow, and this is not a special thing to come to Fujin to see what can be ordered to do slaves, slaves Ye Hao Ye make every heart. Lee s words directly to the point of Wu s more generous, and also revealed Wu s self assertion of suspected ill prepared means ill. Wu was also no time in front of Si Age performance virtuous look, fear and trepidation looked Lan Hui, directly knelt down and said Fu Jin Shuzui, slaves just worry too muc.