Pre Departure Guidance

We offer complete assistance to the student and offer guidance on various topics important to students.

NC Solicitors support their students morally and mentally by providing pre-departure advice concerning dos and don’ts.

Our counselors lead the students through a thorough pre-departure orientation program in order to prepare them.

For instance, all of the students’ questions about lodging and ticketing are addressed.

The problems people encounter during the procedure are addressed by NC Solicitors.

Our professionals assist students to develop confidence by clearing up any uncertainty they may have about leaving.

The essentials to bring, medical supplies, the number of hours they can labor, and where and how to eat meals from their culture are all explained to applicants the student must absolutely attend these orientation classes in order to learn how to pack, what to bring, where to find the necessities, where to dine cheaply, and how to pass immigration to the country they have applied for.