Want to Study in Canada from Pakistan?

Canada offers a high quality of life during the study period of international students, with access to world-class healthcare and many outdoor recreational activities. This makes it an excellent choice for Pakistani students seeking degree programs in Canada, new friendships, or cultural experiences. Many students from Pakistan choose to study in Canada.

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Work Opportunities in Canada for International Students

One significant advantage of studying in Canada is that international students are allowed to work up to 24 hours per week during their semester. Students who wish to work on campus or intern at any business do not need a separate work permit in Canada, their study permit is sufficient to secure part-time employment in Canada while studying. This allows them to manage housing, entertainment, food, and transportation expenses. Additionally, during the summer break, students can work full-time, providing an opportunity to maximize their earnings.

Does Canada Accept Pakistani Students?

One of the most common questions from Pakistani students is whether Canada accepts them as international students.

The answer is a YES!

Canada claims a solid and inclusive education system that encourages international students, including those from Pakistan, to achieve their academic goals. Canadian universities and colleges warmly welcome students from around the world.

Is Canada Good for Pakistani Students?

Canada is more than just suitable for Pakistani students; it’s outstanding. Continuously ranked among the top study destinations globally, Canada is famous for its excellent education system and focus on research and innovation. Pakistani students studying in Canada can choose from various business, engineering, medicine, and the arts programs. Canada’s dedication to diversity also ensures a secure and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their cultural or religious heritage.

Post-Study Work in Canada and PR in Canada – PGWP Canada

The advantage of studying in Canada for Pakistani students includes the post-graduation work permit program, which enables them to stay and work for up to three years after graduation. This opportunity allows graduates from colleges or universities to acquire Canadian work experience.

Students graduating from designated learning institutions must apply for the PGWP Canada after receiving their final marks. In the long run, the Canadian work experience gained through the PGWP aids international students in achieving permanent residency in Canada.

Visa Process for Canada in a Short Time

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) simplifies obtaining a visa decision in a shorter time frame. SDS is an accelerated study permit processing program for applicants aiming to study in Canada at a post-secondary designated learning institution (DLI).

Study Abroad Consultants

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